• I woke up lying on the bathroom floor. I saw blood and puke all over the floor. My left hand was resting over my wounded arm. Something or some one had token off the bandages . I picked up my left arm and saw my wounded arm was now fully healed. Just over day?!? I looked and saw there was something on the top of my arm. It was almost like a choker, It was a deep shade of red and with mixes of black, white and silver in the center there was the same shape of a half moon, like the one on my forehead! I got up (very slowly so i wouldn't slip) and looked in the mirror and saw, nothing. I knew I was a vampire but I had seen my self in that mirror. Then I felt my choker on my arm and ripped off and flew onto my neck. The shock made me fall back onto the ground. I touched my neck. I slowly got up but stepped in the puke and fell back down. I tried to grab the sink but got the mirror and it crashed down with me. I closed my eyes and made a mental note to clean this up after I got this figured out. I opened my eyes and saw the mirror was on my feet. I picked it up, and saw my mark on my forehead and the choker on my neck. I threw the mirror to the ground and picked it up.
    This wasn't truly my house so I picked up the mirror to see if it was broken. There was two small cracks on the side of the glass , and no reflection. I was very tempted to throw the mirror again but a genital voice said " That's enough Sorrow. " I would of said it was an angle's voice, but it was a man's voice (not saying angles can't be guys) It was my protector's voice. Then I heard it again " Don't let your anger be controlled by violence." I could feel tears coming from my eyes, but they kept inside of me. I wanted to cry into his arms and hear his voice again. I only made a whimper but it I echoed though my heart, "I miss you protector." I curled up on the puke ground and started to cry, but with out tears.
    After I stopped I got into the shower and washed all the puke, blood and bandages from the ground. The shower made feel nice, warm and safe. Safe from being alone, the dark demons, the sun and the troubling world . After I went up stairs and ate. The fridge was getting very empty. There was only a pack of strawberry s and a bag of apples. This made me get worried. I didn't have a job, He kept track of the money. Then the lights in the kitchen went off. In the pitch dark i said "Wonderful!" I didn't really need the light, but I knew i needed the power for the fridge. I thought aloud in the dark room " I bet they cut the power, Great another thing to pay."
    After eating I though of what i was good at, attacking , healing, smelling human blood, running , jumping and seeing in the dark. There can't be a huge list of jobs with thous talents. I looked in the paper trying to find jobs in the paper. Need a cooking degree, For ages 19 and older, Need experience and No new comers. Well I guess it isn't like a Sims game were you look in the paper and jobs pop up for anyone. Then an idea came in my head, If I can't come to them then they will come to me. I pulled out a candle, peace of paper and a pencil. I found an old lighter for the shed and went to the counter and lit the candle. I started writing. Once i finished writing I read it aloud " LOOKING FOR A JOB has a lot of energy and strength. Works grave yard shifts . If I fit your job call my cell number- 123 446 786 912." It wasn't really my cell phone it was the boy's . He left it in his room. I went out side and headed for the newspaper room. It was like across town so I ran so i wouldn't walk home in the light.Once i got there i pushed the paper in their news box. Hopefully they will put it in tomorrows paper. Now I just have to wait for the call.
    I started to walk back but a man ran up to me. I could hear his heart pounding but I tried to push it aside and turned around. He looked kind of fat and wore a black shirt and a tie, A midnight snack. No I tried to push the thought a side. He asked " Was this yours?" He had the letter in his hand and I nodded and said " Yes sir." He squinted his eyes and asked " Aren't you a child?" I didn't know what he meant by child so I said " No sir I look young for my age." He looked hard at me then started talking again " Well we need some one to print out the paper a night and pack them.Don't worry you won't be alone , There is another employed person there. It's twenty dollars each night, but if you do more hours I will raise the pay. So what do you think?" I quickly did the math. That would be enough for the bill and the food. I asked " When do I start?" He smiled and said "Tomorrow at nine till about eleven."That meant I still have a few hours after. I smiled and said " Okay I will be there!"
    Walking home I felt happy. I had my first job. I looked into the sky and said " You would be so proud Protector. I finished my first challenge on my fist day!" I felt so happy that night walking home but once I got home that feeling changed.