• Chapter One: Awake

    I feel like I'm being used, like I'm some kind of experiment. Where am I? I have no idea... Who am I? I don't know the answer to that either... Is that pain? Am I feeling pain now? I-I'm being pulled!! I can't open my eyes, I can't wake up! Help!... I'm on a floor now. There's glass everywhere and I'm still not awake. I need to get up, I need to open my eyes!
    "Help... Someone.. I can't o-open my-" My voice is so weak. Can't anyone hear me? Please, someone help! I can't move my body, there's some kind of wires fused through my skin. Are they keeping me alive?
    ...Someone's lifting me up. These arms holding me are shaking. "H-help..." I hear someone's breathing. Am I breathing? ...They're taking the wires out? No! That will kill me! Please put me down! I want to go! Leave me alone, I just want to wake up!! I don't want to die! I want to breathe, I want to be alive. I want to see--


    ..."Gabriel! It- ok--. Ga-ri--!" Is that someone's voice? I can't hear so clearly... Am I wet? I feel like I've been pulled out of some kind of tank like a fish.
    .."Gabriel! It will be okay, Gabriel! Can you hear me?" ...Who are they taking to? Who's Gabriel? Is that me? ...I don't know anything yet...
    "H-hello?" My voice is hoarse. I'm breathing now... I'm alive?
    "Gabe, please rest. I'm going to take you to my home so you can be safe. It's going to be okay!" I hear the huming of some kind of mottor under me and the pitter patter of water hitting the roof. How do I know what water like that sounds like? Is that the same water I was in? I'm so tired.... My body aches... I want to rest.


    "Gabriel?" Someone's hand is on my face... It's so warm. I'm dry now. Is there some kind of fur on me? No... is it a blanket? This is a blanket... "Gabriel, can you open your eyes now?
    I remembered how badly I want to see now.
    "Where..." I opened my eyes for the first time and a flood of light entered my view. I screamed and tried pushing the hand away, trying to pull the blanket off. Where was I?? What in the world is this place?