• The dark shadow ran through the blackened forest. She didn't know where she was going or how fast she was running. She just needed to get away. Loxious was after her now. And there was no way she could stay in one area for too long without being noticed.

    Her dark cloak was drenched after crossing the long river. Only a few more miles to go. She glanced over her shoulder across the moon lit river. A pair of dark topaz eyes glared at her from behind the shadows of the tall trees. She growled and kept running. One thing she knew was that she was going to be extremely thin by the end of the night.

    It was raining by the time she met Half-Full valley. She stumbled into the bright light of the large inn. The Black Ghost Inn was one of the only inns in the town. She walked up to the front desk. "One room." She muttered. The old in-keeper simply glanced up at her and gave her a key. "Has he been here recently?" Everyone in Half-Full valley knew Loxious and feared him all the same. The man glanced up from cleaning a wine glass. "He's followin' you?" Fear was spread in his eyes. "No." She assured. "He won't mess with this town." She took the key he handed her and walked to the back room she was assigned.

    The sun in the morning came all too willingly. The shadow was already up to greet it. she had placed the key on the front desk along with far too much money to pay for it. Once she stepped outside the stench of burning flesh and smoke gathered around her, clouding her senses.

    He had been here.

    As she slept he had come and ruined half of Half-Full valley. He would pay. But not here and not today. "She brought him here!" People screamed as the shadow lurked to the exit of the village. "My son!" "My children are dead!" "My husband was caught in the fire!" The lurker's face was empty and emotionless. All except one. Rage. Not at the angry townspeople but at that man. That monster. He would pay.

    It was midday when she reached another town. She dared not stop there for she knew he was following all too closely. About an hour after that was when her stomach started to protest to her long foodless hours. She finally stopped at an old tavern on her way. She ordered some bread and water. Not being able to stomach too much.

    "Did you hear? Half-Full valley was attacked by that Loxious guy again." The tavern keeper was a young girl about 17 or 18. Her long blonde hair and full body caught the eyes of almost every man that walked past. "No. I didn't know that." She took her food and left the tavern. "Keep safe!" The girl called after her.

    A few moments later the shadow sat at a small stream. Half her bread was gone and whatever was left of it was wrapped up in the pocket of her cloak. She had to get to Half-Empty valley before the night called to her again. That meant she had to cross over the whole mountain in less than three hours. She stood and began her run towards the top.

    She was out of breath and staggering once she got to the top two hours later. 'I need to get there.' She thought. She could see the lights of the small village below. She bolted. She only had an hour left until sundown. When she stopped for a rest she could feel two piercing eyes glaring at her. She knew what he wanted. She would never allow him to have it. She kept running.

    She sat in the back room she had requested. Night was slowly creeping over the quiet valley. Tonight he would attack again. He would pay. Tonight he would pay for his crime.

    It was midnight when the screams came. The terrified horrors that would haunt the shadow for the rest of her existence. She stood. She hadn't been able to stop him for her whole life. But she had been practicing.

    The dark form pulled the black hood over her head so it would shadow her face. With that accomplished she took a deep breath and stepped outside the Inn. Any normal person's face would at least change expressions at the sight of the horrors that stood before her. But no reaction came from the shadow. Fire. People screaming. Cursing. Praying. Anything to get them away. The shadow walked to the middle of the burning town. That's where he was. That's where he would always strike first then the chaos would spread throughout the town.

    Once her dark boots scraped across the paved streets of the middle of the village she pulled her hood back. Her piercing red eyes mixed with the fire that surrounded her. "You will be tamed." She whispered harshly. The fire seemed to subside slightly then burst out all around her. "Where are you hiding?!?" She yelled. The fire obeyed her now and it was furious. The dark form that suddenly stood before her was very tall and extremely well built. "So. You finally call me out. Hmm?"

    "I'm in no mood for your sick minded games. You will be disciplined for your crime." The shadow's teeth seemed to be sharpening. "You. Will. Pay." She assured him. The fire suddenly spun around the two dark figures. Her eye's pupils were slit and sharp. She was changing.

    The townspeople had already taken the hint and taken cover far away from the village. The shadow was suddenly fierce and not backing down. Even after the fight. ((Forgive me I suck at writing fight scenes)) "You're far too willing." Loxious cold voice matched his cold and motionless body that lie on the pavement. "This isn't over is it?" The shadow stood above him. "It is never over. Not until I get that medallion." "Then it will never end." Loxious body slowly faded away until it was gone. Nothing left except the dark blood on the paved street.

    The fire dispersed and the townspeople came out from hiding. The shadow's body was covered in scars and blood. "I'll be taking my leave. Forgive me for the trouble I've caused." The astonished townspeople watched as the shadow took her leave. She limped all the way until she was deep into the woods. Only then did she allow herself to collapse. Exhaustion and loss of blood took over as her vision clouded. The last thing she remembered was being lifted into a pair of strong eyes then... Black...