• The war
    Vampires, Think there fake, really?
    Your wrong. Because of these monstrosity's they caused billions of peoples deaths. All because of an artificial disese that was created in germany to increase the strength of there soldiers.

    No one knew what was going on. That was until they found the dead girl on the floor of the cafeteria one day. That dead girl was my girlfriend sasha,
    I began crying. When i looked at her neck i saw the puncture marks.
    i ran from the school. It took me a good 6 hours to get my house. I missed sasha. She and i met everyday at the end of school to talk about the days hard ships and when we left we kissed eachother as we parted for the bus.
    Now that routine was shatterd.

    When i reached my house, i noticed that the front door was taken off its hinges and thrown at our family car. I feared for the worst and carefully proceded inside. The sick smell of blood was so thick in the air that you could cut it with a knife.
    I reached the kitchen. My Father had loads of steak knives inside one of the drawers.
    I picked up the largest one i could find and proceded down the small hallway which lead to my mother's room.
    Her door too, was open.
    Someone with brown hair was standing over the facedown corpse of my mother, in a pool of her own blood.

    The girl infront of my mother turned around.

    "Sasha?", i asked
    "Yes sam, its me", she lunged and i dodged out of the way as her left fist slammed into a wall.

    I pointed the knife at her.

    "sasha dont make me kill you"
    "Your wrong sam, dont play hard to get!"
    Again she lunged and her fists slammed into the telivision set.
    That was it.
    "Look over there!" she pointed.
    I foolishly looked at the window.
    Bam! i was sent flying into a wall.
    I crashed through it and the knife flew out of my hand.
    She landed on my.
    "Join me hun," she asked.
    I loved sasha, but this was no longer her.

    "Ill join you in hell", i replied snidly
    The knife wasent far away and with my free hand i struck her across the face.
    "oof" she grunted. "Dont play rough with me hun, you'll lose.
    After being dazed for a few seconds i realized i was in my room.
    There was a lamp sitting on the nightstand next to my bed.
    I walked back stumbling on a few clothes.
    Then i reached the corner of my bed.
    Then i got a look at her nails. The almost tripled in size.
    "Like em?"
    She swiped, and my head just barely made it past, her razor sharp nails sliced five holes in the plaster wall.
    As i dodged i instinctivly grabbed the lamp and connected with her head. She was sent reeling with shatterd glass in her eyes. She was hot no longer!

    I leaped over the bed and made a grab for the knife while she was still stunned. Or so i thought.
    I was kicked right when i gripped the handle and i was sent flying out of the sliding glass window in my room.
    I began to crab walk. She was at a brisk walk, extending and retracting those steel nails.
    I began to think. (I need to stop this madness)
    Then she picked me up by my shirt.
    "Oh god", i screamed

    "I thought you might like to know, i killed everyone else in the school today"
    I still had the knife in my hand.

    "Im going to miss you babe!" She drew her hand back with the nails.

    "No, im going to miss you!"
    I thrusted the knife into the closest point to me. Her neck.
    She let go and i toppled to the ground. She slumped to her knees as the blood slowly began to squirt out of the open wound. She looked at me hazily and her hazel brown eyes rolled into her head, never to be seen again.

    The end