• a farmer had a beautiful daughter for whom he cared more than anything on earth. she fell in love with a farmhand named jim,
    but the farmer did not think jim was good enough for his daughter,

    to keep them apart he sent her to live with her uncle on the other side of the country.
    soon after she left jim got sick, and he wasted away and died. Everyone said he died of a broken heart,

    The farmer felt guilty about jims death, he could not tell his daughter whut had happenend. She continued to think about and the life they might have had together.

    one night many weeks later there was a knock on her uncles door. When the girl opened the door jim was standing there.

    "your fatherasked me to come get you " he said. "i came on his best horse"
    "is there anything wrong?" she asked
    "i dont kno" he said

    she packed a few things and left. she rode be hind him, clinging to his waist.
    soon he complained of a head ache "it aches somthing terrible" he told her
    she put her hand on his forehead " you are cold as clay" she said
    "i hope you are not ill" and she wrapped her handkerchief around his head.

    they traveled so swiftly that in a few hours they reached the farm.
    the girl quikly dismounted and knocked on the door, her father was startled to see her. "didn't you send for me?" she asked
    "no i didn't he said

    she turned to jim, but he was gone and so was the horse. they went to the stable to look for them the hores was they're. it was coverd with sweat and trembling fear, but there was no sign of jim teriffied, her father told her the truth about jims death. then quickly went to see jims parents. they decided to open his grave. the corpse was in his coffin but around his head they found the girls handkerchief