• The moon shone like a beacon set in inky blackness.
    Edward had always loved the moon, the way it shone but didn't burn. He'd just spend nights staring at it.
    That was of course, until it happened.
    Feeding had always been a touchy subject in Barton. Occasionally someone would go missing, there'd be a search- but nothing that was un-handleable.
    No-one suspected the darker forces at work- the gleaming red eyes which surveyed the darkened town, nor the flash of fang that inevitably followed.
    But tonight was different.
    "Eddie! Come on, I've found someone!" a voice called out. Edward turned and saw his friend, Alonzo.
    "Some girl." Alonzo chuckled.
    Edward ran towards the voice and into the lamplight, where a young woman was sat on the ground, head swaying gently.
    "I had to rough her up a bit- she still had some kick in her." Alonzo explained, rubbing his chin "But no matter- she's food now."
    "Damn right. What was she doing out anyway?"
    "Not sure- she just kept shouting for someone."
    "And that someone is..."
    "Dunno. She just kept shouting "Akado!"
    "Well, she won't be shouting for much longer."
    Edward leant over, and opened his mouth. There was a gunshot, and he heard Alonzo slump to the ground.
    "ALONZO!" he cried, getting up and rushing over. There was another shot, and a spray of blood erupted from his shoulder. Edward fell backwards, and tried to scramble back, but felt a cold, hard boot press down on his neck.
    A cigar glowed dimly under the hunter's long black hair, illuminating his crimson eyes, which glittered in the darkness.
    "No, no please!"
    "Hmph. Your pleas fall upon deaf ears, vampire."
    "Please, it's not my fault! I need to feed!"
    "Yeah yeah, I've heard it all before."
    Edward whimpered softly.
    "Who are you?" he muttered, bringing his arms up over his head.
    "Heh." another shot rang out through the darkness.
    "My name is Akado."