• He didn’t understand why he felt so confused. He was home at the very least. He can see the green grassy meadow stretch out in front of him till it reaches the thick forest where the unicorn’s foals love to play. He noted this to be the meadow behind his house. Behind him, in the background of the small cottages and buildings stood five tall towers, majestic and magical even at distance. They serve as a tribute to each one of the Wizarding community protector, the Guardian of Fables.

    Yet the confusion didn’t leave him, it’s as if everything he sees here is wrong, it is not…normal. The confusion distracted him; it took him a while to notice that he wasn’t alone. Feeling a presence behind him, Keiflan turned around. And at the sight of the taller, slim figure, the confusion was replaced with a sense longing, relief.

    The little young warlock smiled as the beautiful young witch kneeled down to pat his head softly, her curls bounced off her waist as she did so. Keiflan knew this girl, this incredibly talented Seer. He took in every details of hers; her long hair, black with a shade of blue much like his, her angelic gentle face, her warm crystal blue eyes, her sweet smile, even the her floral scent. He felt the strange strong urge to never look away, frightened at the thought of losing her out of his sight. And he never did.

    The witch’s smile parted as she opened her mouth to speak.

    “Congratulations Keiflan, my little black mage” her tone was soft. Her pale hand moved from his head to caress his cheek, tickling him.

    “Stop it” Keiflan managed between his childish giggle, eyes closed. “You’re tickling me”. He didn’t want her to stop but if his friends saw this it’d be embarrassing.

    He felt the pressure of her hand on his cheek gradually got lighter and finally disappeared. She gave in. He still had his eyes closed, waiting for her to protest, to tease him but all there was to hear was silence. An eerie silence.

    He didn’t like it.

    His open his eyes and a sharp gasp escaped his mouth.

    Everything was pitching black. The meadow, the bright blue sky, everything has disappeared. But as much as these changes bothered him, his eyes were busy searching for something. His sister. Where is she? Did something happen to her? He looked frantically around the black abyss.

    It was that strange series of thudding that got his attention. His ears tracked the sound, his eyes followed until it finally found the source. Fear washed over him.

    He was gazing up at the black sky, well, what’s left of it. Against the black veil was a demon; the huge leathery dragon wing stretching out from his shoulder blade, the pointy demonic ears and his two majestic dragon crowns jutting out from the side of his head just above the ears can hardly pass him as human. His long hair, cut rough, swayed in the air, following the breeze from the flapping of his wings. The hair was startlingly red, and if there’s enough light, it’d look like as if the hair is actually burning.

    The demon’s face has a rough angle to its feature, still somehow feline. A long scar ran down the right side of his face, starting from his forehead down to his chin, continuing down to his broad shoulder underneath the light traveling cape.

    But it wasn’t the appearance of the demon that scared Keiflan. No. It was something else. He didn’t even flinch when this Draconia glared down at him with his eyes, which was strangely red in the right socket and dull gray in the other. It was the unconscious girl he carried in his strong arms that stirred the fear.

    “Big sis!” He shouted at the top of his lung. “Big sis! Evana! Wake up, please!” She didn’t even stir. He cursed and forcefully turned his attention to the demon.

    “What do you want with her?” he hissed, feeling surprise at his sudden bravery.

    The demon seems to find his bravado amusing. He was smiling. Was this kid crazy? Talking to him like that? Doesn’t he know what he can do to him? How easily he can crumble him to dust?

    “You got guts kid, talking to a Draconian like that” arrogance and amusement weaved through his words. “Beautiful...” his hand caressed Evana’s cheek, locking the stray lock of hair back into its place- his action received Keiflan glare who hissed something like ‘don’t touch her.’-“...loved, and extremely talented. She’s exactly what I need” he continued as if Keiflan never spoke.

    That did it. His sister wasn’t some item to be claimed. Keiflan swung his arm, his novice staff followed and a flash of bright white light flew from him at top speed. It took the form of a phoenix as it head towards the demon. With a screeching noise, it collided with him, engulfing everything in white hot flame. The flame, as intended by the caster, didn’t touch the girl, keeping her safe.

    For a second, it looks like Keiflan won. The demon didn’t even stir under the flame. But the laugh that followed proved him wrong.

    There was a strong gust of wind and even a louder flapping sound. The flame scattered off the demon’s body, exposing the amused grin on his face. He was unharmed; no burnt, no wound, no nothing.

    “Child’s play” his tone amused. The flapping of his wings got more and more rapid. He started to ascend, clearly showing that he doesn’t have any intention of landing soon.
    Keiflan understood that.

    “Wait! Wait! Don’t go!!” Hand stretched out towards the flying figure, desperately trying to reach his sister. He was running now as he tried to keep them in sight but its getting harder with each of the demon ascend. Tears welled up in his eyes.”Give her back!” his voice nearly cracked form the intensity of the scream. “Give her back to me!”

    He refuses to lose her, to lose Evanna, his one and only living relative. She meant everything to him. He cursed at his own weaknesses. All he can do now is watch helplessly as the Draconian carved a sly grin on his face, clearly satisfied. “I’ll be borrowing her for a while. If you’re nice”- the grin got more menacing- “I might just give her back.” And with a final flap of his wing, he disappeared into the darkness. With his goes Evanna.

    “No…” he sunk down to his knees, all strength has left him. His hand clawed the ground, grabbing the empty air into his fist. Why did god allow this to happen to him? Hadn’t he suffered enough?

    He felt his mind working the logic, to see any possible solution to this but his mind can’t work through the heavy cloud the shock has formed in his head. What was there to life if she was gone? What would he be living his life for?