• Chapter One

    It has been ten years since the war started and I have been posing as a traveler for six of those years trying to find the legendary Dragon Riders and enduring the ever darker reign of my father. I wander from town to town looking for clues to where the Dragon Riders are but the further away I go from the capitol the older the sightings are becoming.

    All of the sightings lead to a town that was, for some reason unknown to any one in the towns I have visited, abandoned the day the war began. The most recent town I have visited said that the Dragon Riders had claimed the old town as part of their realm after their last member escaped on their tenth birthday exactly ten years age tomorrow.

    Now I'm on my way to the town where all of this supposedly started. There's just one problem. No one who has entered the town in those ten years has returned. I plan to be the first to return alive if I can manage the dragons that are said to roam the town now. I am walking towards the town right now while it is still daylight out. The closer I get to the town, though, the darker it becomes.

    I can't see three feet in front of me it's so dark out here. I am begining to believe the rumor about this town being part of the Mythril Realm and the new home of the Dragon Riders.

    "So the rumors are true," I mutter. "The Mythril Realm has really been over come by the darkness just as my kingdom has and is dying along with it."

    I keep moving through the forest in the eternal night of the realm that has claimed it. The only things I can see around me are the eyes of the creatures that would love to rip me apart and feed on my flesh. What prevents them from doing just that is the same thing that is casting this faint circle of light upon the path I am following.

    I hold the gold hilt of my sword, Shadow Slayer, in my right hand. It is casting the shadow like glow around me. The creatures of this realm fear its blade for some reason. All they can do is watch me with their bright eyes glowing in the shadows around me as long as I keep my sword in my hand at all times.