• Water washed upon the shore, you could hear the sounds of rifle fire from over the buildings. Feel the crashing of the artillary shells in the distance. I walked amidst the streets, Buildings caved in, bodies hanging out of windows, blood everywhere. I clutched my rifle, The feel enough was enough to empower me, until it happend.
    I could hear the crunching of bits of concrete and glass until i head a whistle, a shell
    "Get the hell down!", i heard someone yell
    I dove my face hitting dirt
    sheeeeeeeouuuuuuuuugh Boooooom!
    i heard screaming
    "Oh my god medic!"
    I looked behind me and saw a rifleman on the ground clutching a stump of a leg, Blood on his face, helmet and hands.
    Then, machine gun fire

    "Take cover!" i heard my sergent yell, "brians, get that man to cover!"
    No point, several rounds struck around him and one caught his helmet, killed instantly

    "s**t!" i yelled
    I brought my rifle up to my shoulder and looked down the scope, i could see everything,
    I got the crosshair on the head of a russian, Pulled the trigger,
    The bullet went through his helmet, out of his head and his brain slid out from the hole.

    The end,

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