• It is the year 1613. The royal family has died out. Famine and poverty rule alongside gangs and murderers. No-one has spoken above a whisper for 15 years. The Revolution is coming.

    It all started with one man, the man who ensured the deaths of the royal family and all heirs to the throne. The man called the assassin. He was as silent as a cat in the night, as swift as a snake ready to strike, as strong as an angered bear, as cunning as none before and didn't bat an eyelid at killing innocents. But unknown to all, even the assassin himself, he had a daughter.

    Arrianna has struggled to survive on her own since her mother died when she was 9. She has learnt how to survive on the streets, where you have nothing but your wits to help you. She is tough and won't let anyone or anything stop her. When a group who call themselves the 'Revolutionists' find her and convince her to join them, her life takes a major turn. Tales of the assassin abound in the Revolutionists' base sites and a few notice that she has extreme stealth, amazing cunning and an overpowering instinct to do whatever it takes to survive. When one person connects the dots, the Revolution begins.