• A/n:Alittle background for the story. This is set in the new age i.e. 2008, though mostly in a different realm called the spirit realm. The A.D.A.R stands for Agency of Demon and Angel Relations, this agency captures criminals, both angel and demon, and sends them to their punishment. Basicly like a bounty hunter agency almost. That is all for now.
    Blood's profile:
    1) Name: Unknown
    Codename: Blood
    Agent # ID: 1654
    Age: Unknown
    Race: Unknown
    Appearance: Dark red hair, green eyes, collar around neck, dark red sleeveless loose shirt, black pants, black trench coat, a blood testing device like bracelet on left wrist
    Birthday: Unknown
    Personality: Cheerful, idiotic, whiny, complains, funny, loyal, determined, secretive, at times can be serious and distant
    Powers: Unknown
    Weapons: Standard issue revolver, later bow and arrows, later sword
    Family: None found
    History: Found in the streets when a child, been in the agency ever since
    Once upon a time…wait no, that’s not how to start this story. A fairytale is supposed to have a happy ending after all. This is not a fairytale…this is a tragedy that ends with heartbreak and tears…Those tears don’t always have to be of sadness though…do they?
    The night was dark and chilled. Shadows stretched over the tall buildings and dimly lit streets. The moon was high in the sky, it was white and crescent shaped on this night. All the humans were inside sleeping away with dreams filling their minds. While in the midst of the night two figures were running. One was an agent and the other was a demon. Breaths coming in fast pants, pumping legs left echoed fast footsteps against the stone ground, intense emerald eyes shone through the darkness. Pressing his back to the rough brick wall he lifted his gun and listened as the casings crashed down tinning as they hit the pavement below, the agent with flaming red hair glanced to his left trying to find his target again, while he reloaded his black revolver. Hearing the click he was looking for, the agent lowered his weapon and ran off in search of his target.
    Name: Lukecus Roy
    Age: 700 years old (looks 32 years old in human years)
    Description: Long green hair, black eyes, scars running down his right arm
    Race: Earth Demon
    Difficulty: level 2
    Crime: Killed 13 people and controlled two into force suicide
    Mission: Bring back alive for execution
    That was on his mission report. He was ordered to bring the criminal back alive but after following the man for over two days he was starting to decide otherwise. Taking a step out of the pitch black shadows for a moment he glanced around and cursed seeing his target flee from him once again. Running, he tried catching up to the demon still in his sights.
    “A.D.A.R freeze!” He yelled tailing the man closely. A.D.A.R. it stood for Agency of demon and angel relations. Lukecus laughed and jumped a fence with no problem soaring into the sky before falling softly to the ground and running off again. The agent cursed and jumped the fence as fast as he could. Raising his gun he aimed at the earth demon and shot twice. The bullets hit the demon right in the shoulder and he stumbled a bit. Taking his chance the agent ran for all he was worth to the demon and grabbed the injured demon and pushed him against a wall.
    “Hands on your head, and kneel Lukecus.” He ordered, his voice was cold and venomous as he lifted his gun and pointed it at the demon’s head. Lukecus did as he was told and quickly kneeled on the ground, putting his hands on the back of his head.
    “Under higher law, you are hereby placed under arrest. For your crimes against the spirit realm it is my duty as an A.D.A.R. agent to take you into my custody and escort you back to the agency so the punishment for your crimes can be carried out.” The agent informed the criminal as he glared through emerald colored eyes at the demon.
    “How did you find me? Traitor.” Lukecus asked staring at the wall, his shoulder already starting to heal a bit. Traitor, a name that was commonly used to describe Agents of the A.D.A.R. a traitor to their own kind…they were nothing of the sort.
    “Followed the trail. You don’t clean up after your messes Lukecus.” The agent said tapping on his small black earpiece. The black transmitter turned on with tiny red light and a small microphone came from the piece down to his cheek.
    “Control, I have the target in my custody. I request a transport coach. Copy?” The agent asked. There was a pause on the other end of the transmitter.
    “HELLO sweetie! How are you doing? I haven’t seen you in forever honey!” A high pitched voice came through the channel. The agent cringed at it. His eye twitching from the volume.
    “Valentine what are you doing at the control tower?” He asked slightly annoyed that his friend was wasting time talking to him while he had a criminal to turn in.
    “Hmph, is that all I get, Blood, after I haven’t seen you in what feels like years!” Valentine said through the channel. Her voice was annoyed and anger. Special agent Blood sighed and rolled his eyes.
    “I saw you two days ago Valentine. Tell control to send a coach ok. I need a pick up. I have Lukecus Roy right here with me. Blood out.” He tapped his earpiece again and the microphone retracted back into the earpiece again the red light turning off. Running a pale hand through his fire like hair, Blood sighed exhaustedly. Lukecus slowly tried to move his hand down from his hand but Blood quickly pulled back the hammer on his revolver and the demon put his hand back on his head.
    “Don’t move. You wouldn’t want to meet your maker too soon now would you?” Blood asked relaxing as he waited for the stagecoach to take them back to base. At the statement the demon started laughing.
    “Meet my maker huh. Sounds nice, I wonder who could be so evil to make me.” The laughter continued, it was hollow and scared. Blood looked at the poor excuse of a demon and shook his head. He wanted to know that as well.
    Hearing huff beats clapping on the road he clasped the back of his targets shirt and pulled him to his feet just as the old style stage coach stopped beside them. A cloaked figure jumped off the front of the stagecoach and opened the door for Blood, bowing.
    “Master Blood, always a pleasure to see you.” The cloaked man said with a gentle voice. Blood nodded to him in greetings and threw Lukecus in the stagecoach. As he took a step into the stagecoach he turned back with a smile to the cloaked man.
    “Nice seeing you again too, Mr. Jacobs.” He replied happily before sitting down fully in the coach and closing the door behind him. He aimed his revolver at his prisoner and relaxed against one of the cushioned red velvet seats. Lukecus folded his arms across his chest.
    “No seals? No cuffs? What makes you think I won’t try and escape?” The earth demon asked in a challenging manner. Blood opened the cylinder of his revolver and took out a bullet with a blue tipped head. He held it up high for the demon to see clearly. Lukecus just snorted at him. It was just a stupid normal bullet, it wasn’t going to hurt him much.
    “This bullet is specially made to penetrate the hide of a thick skinned earth demon. It will dig itself into the flesh and explode after ten seconds. If I aim it at your head,” He continued raising the weapon to the earth demon’s head, “It’ll take your head off in one shot. No seals, no cuffs, just me and my gun. Try and escape Lukecus.” Blood explained, putting the bullet back into the cylinder and snapping it shut. Putting his weapon in his shoulder holster that was hidden under his black trench coat and leaned back in his seat, looking out the window as he felt the coach start moving. Blood felt a few bumps from the ground until it soared into the air. Minutes passed in utter silence as the two rode up into the clouds in the transporter for the spirit realm.
    “What is my sentence?” Lukecus asked, anger pressed his voice as his hands clasped together tightly in front of him. The red headed agent turned from his window and locked gazes with the green haired demon.
    “Death by spirit removal.” The agent said calmly, not caring at all for the pitiful criminal. The earth demon smirked at the answer. Another silence rested between them as they reached the other realm. A blue light surrounded the coach as they passed through the two realms, before disappearing when they broke through to the spirit realm. It was a barrier so no one could go between the two worlds, there was only a few select ways to travel between realms. One of which was the stagecoach. Burning green eyes stared at the earth demon, a deep scowl set on the features of the agent.
    “Why did you do it? Why did you kill all those people?” Blood asked trying away, not looking the demon in the eyes. Lukecus laughed long and hard.
    “I was bored…” A sadistic smile made its way onto the green haired demon’s face. Blood glared at the demon and within a split second launched himself at the demon, pinning Lukecus to the seat.
    “You were BORED! You don’t throw away people’s lives because you’re bored!” He yelled throwing a punch at the demon. Lukecus just smirked and turned his skin to stone. Blood hit the solid surface hard but didn’t so much as wince as he pulled back his hand to reveal the skin on his knuckles was peeled and he was bleeding now from the hit. Before the red head could do anything else the carriage stopped and the door was opened. Blood grabbed the demon roughly by the collar and led him outside, throwing him on the ground roughly. He stepped out of the stagecoach and watched as the earth demon was gathered up by the guards of the base and taken away. Death by spirit removal, it was too good a punishment for someone like that.
    “Master Blood, your hand is bleeding. You should go and bandage it.” Mr. Jacobs advised as he closed the door to the sleek black stagecoach and got on the driver’s seat at the front. Blood smiled and nodded to the phantom driver. He wasn’t really a man, just a spirit phantom carrying criminals and agents to the other realms. His body was just a dark shadow, Mr. Jacobs had no face or real expression, only white lines formed smiles or frowns on the phantom.
    “I will Mr. Jacobs.” Blood said waving to the top hatted phantom. Jacob’s nodded to him and smiled back.
    “Good day Master Blood.” With that he started up the six black winged horses and vanished into the sky. Blood turned from the sight and walked up the stone steps up to the agency. It was a huge castle like building, giant gray stones made up it’s outer surface and tall towers. Walking through the large courtyard in the front of the agency he passed the fountain in the middle and strolled up the few steps to the front of the building. He opened its huge doors and went inside. Immediately the old style looking castle changed into a clean and modern styled building. The red head walked straight up to the large screen that resided in the middle of the main room where other agents were gathered around and touched it lightly. A part of the screen turned black then a number lock came up. Blood rolled his eyes at it and waited. It was truly a stupid precaution, if any enemy did manage to make it passed the enchanted stone guards outside they would certainly be caught by all the other agents that lived in the agency!
    “Please enter your agent number ID please, agent.” A computerized female voice sounded. Blood hit the numbers; 1654 and pressed enter. “Access granted special agent Blood, level three, press your hand to the screen to confirm identification please.” The computer said again.
    “Talk dirty to me.” Blood laughed and placed his left hand to the screen and waited until he felt a little bite were they took a sample of his blood and photo of his fingerprints. A moment passed before the screen turned green with approval before white with tons of writing on it. He scrolled down to his latest assignment with Lukecus and checked it off as completed and successful. Blood clicked out and turned, digging his hands into his pocket he took a deep breath and was about to go to med bay to meet up with Doc so the agency could wrap up his hand when he was glomped to the ground by a pink blur. He groaned in pain and opened his green eyes to look at who had tried to kill him. The red head smiled when he saw Valentine. Her long black hair hanging over her shoulder with streaks from light pink to hot pink scattered randomly everywhere in it.
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