• I almost always walked the same way- sort of a bouncy gait, yet smooth. Some people said I walked like a cat, but, with a long, black tail and black ears, it was kind of obvious. Sure, I was different, but I knew for a fact I wasn’t the only one. I was just stuck in the wrong place. All of those others had been placed in a ghetto. This place, so terrifying, is a lawless place filled only with “freaks”. Cat people, people with special powers, all those inhuman, but not inhumane, characters whom society has rejected. Now, far away from that half of the universe, few humans think or even know about the place, so I, a half-cat, am free of this place- the Junkyard.

    Despite its bad reputation, no one, probably, wanted as much as I did to go to the Junkyard. If nothing else, I wanted to get away from these judgmental humans. I dreamed about meeting people like me, maybe even finding my parents. I dreamed about it almost every night. I even tried running away to it, but I didn’t know where it was. So, slowly, I lost the bounce in my step and it reduced to almost a slither. I just didn’t want to get my tail pulled anymore! No one here wanted me, and, quite frankly, I didn’t think I wanted any of them either, until I met Shadow.

    He was, at first, just that person who caught my eye. Maybe the fact that I first saw his face on a wanted poster should’ve kept me away from him, but I saw something more than his charges- a sharp glimmer that poked from behind his lips and perfected his toothy scowl. Even in black and white, I could tell he was different like me, so I went to find him. But I never did, after weeks of searching, he found me.