• The Great Palace (1291 B.c.) Monday

    Walking down these halls again were the most soothing thing I could think of. Today is a sad day, for my incredible mother is dead. Mother was a gentle soul, I have no idea why the gods had her eaten but wild leopards. The thought of that make me sick and angry. She will be with the gods now, watching me from above. I had wondered what it be like to be dead. Scary? Adventurous? Or remarkable? As I think about death I looked out into the Nile River. The most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life (next to my mother, of course). I love how the water seems to twinkle at me, even at night. I also love the different shades of blue it reveals to me everyday. Mother loved the Nile too. She always said, “ If you were not here, Nefertiti, the Nile would dry-up and loose it’s sparkle and shine”. I wish that the Nile would do that for Mother. I hear Father calling for me, I must go but I will talk later.


    Father has sent Pyamid, his servant, to tell me that Father wants to talk to me in his chambers. Not good. Father only talks to me in his chambers when there is something important to talk about.

    As I walked into his chamber I felt nothing but sadness dwell upon me. His room was glistening with gold, but now it seems that all the everlasting gold was removed and in and its place was death. Death was all over the walls covering happiness and love. Showing nothing but sorrow and pain. Father’s most trusted advisor, Imhotep, just came out of Father’s room and is now calling me in. I’ll let you know what Father wants in a little while.

    The Great Palace (1291 B.c.) Tuesday

    Sorry I did not write last night. I couldn’t! I was crying so hard that I could barley see. Father told me the worst news ever. Because of Mother’s death Father has to wed again. And since father has never been married to any other woman than Mother (refusing the laws of Upper Egypt…), he has to marry someone of royal blood. My little sister Pyra is much too young, and Diam does not want to wed, so that leaves one choice. I HAVE TO MARRY FATHER! If Father can find a suitable wife than I will be free, but if he does not then I fear I shale be most unhappy.


    Father is very open at dinner and Pyra can never be quiet, but tonight they were very silent. Diam always eats in her chambers. As we ate silently I felt as if all eyes were on me turns out they were, even the servants. I asked to be excused early, got up and left without a reply. When I was peacefully in my room away from everyone’s eyes and thoughts, I began to cry. I cried till all of Egypt could hear me. “Here,” said a voice from behind me. “It will make you feel better”. The voice was Rye, my best friend. He knows every thing about me what like, what I hate, and even about this diary. What he handed me was his sword. He always helped me practice my lessons, even when I’m mad. I only thought of it as a lesson or practice, but he thought of it as a stress-taker. I put on my training outfit and protective mask and so did he. As we started he lunged for my stomach with his spear and I dodged. I flipped around and put a cut on his left leg. I think he was surprised at my blow, but I was smiling through my mask. I went for his other leg, but he cut my arm before I could swing. The cut wasn’t deep, but it still stung. Out of pure furry I gave an over powering strike and cut is left leg. “Stop, you win again,” he cried past his mask. “Of course. You stood no chance.” I replied in a playful way. We took off our mask and laughed. We laughed so hard I think we shook the palace! After a minute or so we looked at each other laughing, but Rye’s face turned from laughing to serious. He began to look at me with puppy eyes and looked as if he was leaning closer to me. Then I realized he was leaning closer to me! I choose to lean closer too. We were so close to each other that I could smell his hair, breath, and body all at the same time. Peaches, vanilla, and cinnamon. He gently laid his moist hand on my flustered face, leaned closer for the last time and-


    Father came. He wanted me to know that Diam would watch the Palace while he was in Lower Egypt. When Father saw that he was interrupting, he blushed and walked away. Rye looked hopeful and defeated but knew that the perfect moment had been ruined. We backed away and went to our separate chambers. There is no possible way I can marry Father when I’m so close to having my first love.

    The Great Palace (1291 B.c.) Wednesday

    Saw Rye today at breakfast, he winked, I smiled.

    The Great Palace (1291 B.c.) Thursday

    Father will be back soon, hopefully. Rye found me in the library and helped me learn some gods and goddess. Here are some we covered.
    Horus- Sun god, king of Pharaoh of all gods
    Anubis- God of the dead
    Thoth- Moon God
    Sobek- God of water
    Hathor- Goddess of beauty
    Isis- Goddess of life
    Wadjet- Snake Goddess
    Seth- Goddess of chaos

    After some time in the library Rye called me Hathor, Goddess of Beauty. I blushed and called him Horus, God of the sun. He laughed. I love his laugh, it’s so happy. It almost sounds unreal. I think I am falling in love with Rye, but now is the worst time to confess that. I just can’t help it. His hair is longer that most boys and his face is of a man (he is 19), but his personality is of an 8 year old. I think that is why I love him. He’s not so formal and up tight like everyone else in the Palace. Well, I am quiet tired. I will write some more tomorrow.

    The Great Palace (1291 B.c.) Friday

    Mother loved this Palace. I hope her journey through the afterlife will be adventurous. I also hope she makes it to all the Gods and Goddess. If she does not her soul will be lost forever! The thought alone makes me sad. Father is still not back from Cairo. He left four days ago to find a wife. Honestly I hope he finds someone around my age. If he does than I will have a new Mother and friend, but I don’t want to loose Rye. I hear footsteps, I’ll keep writing when they’ve past.


    The steps were Rye’s. He wanted to ask me if I wanted to go for a walk. All of my servant girls giggle at Rye and did a group “Awww. How cute?” when I said yes. When we were in the hallway Rye held my hand as we walked to the garden. Just before we were about to go into the garden Pyra and Diam stop us and argued right in our face! Then they turned to me and asked me which god was better Anubis or Horus? I told them to go into the library and search. I also told them that whoever found the most information, that’s the better god. After the had ran past me to get to the library, I turned around to talk to Rye but he was gone.

    The Great Palace (1291 B.c.) Saturday

    Father is back! He had brought back many gifts like cotton and sheep; he also brought back a young beautiful woman. She is 23 years old (2 years younger than Father, 6 years older than me, 4 years older than Diam, and 10 years older than Pyra). “While I was out in Cairo,” Father began. “ I was looking at a beautiful cart full of silk, jewelry, and sandals. But I didn’t notice that another cart was coming strait for me! Just before I was crushed to death Aunak saved me. This woman was so incredible, beautiful, and smart that I asked for here hand in marriage the next day!” he finished with what was like an explosion of air to catch his breath. “She happily accepted.” He said. “I’m so sorry you could not attend our wedding back in Cairo,” Aunak began. “It was so sudden and I had fallen in love with your Father so quickly. He is so sweet and gentle I just couldn’t refuse!” she spoke as if she was an innocent child. She already had on the Queen’s royal dress and jewelry. Mother hated the dress; she thought it made her look old. Aunaksunamone (that’s here whole name) wore Mother’s robes proudly, a little too proudly. She touched the fabrics and crown as if she owned them at birth. I think there is something more to Aunak than meets the eye.

    The garden (1291 B.c.) Sunday

    I can’t help, but feel that Aunak is not really in love with Father. When he is not in the room it’s like she is a different person. She gets bossy, yells, and tells everyone what to do! Ugh! Her royal highness is calling for me. I better go before she yells.


    Her royal highness wanted to have a word with me. Her handmaid told me she was in her restroom chambers. I didn’t even look at the girl because she smelled like cow waste! I stormed into the chamber, rudely asked what she wanted and waited for an answer. “ Nefertiti, I only want to know if you can handle being Queen when I’m gone.” She hissed the words out like the sound of a rattlesnake ready to strike. I said that’s what we Princess’ are to learn before we become a woman and can certainly handle all the pressure. While our whole conversation went on Aunak was taking a bath. The water looked extremely hot, but smelled delicious. I remember the smell of vanilla and cinnamon with the distant smell of roses. Silently the handmaid who had smelled like cow waste was back and was barley able to hold the golden platter of wine. I took the cup of wine and stared into it for no reason. I had heard about Queen’s poisoning their daughter so they can be Queen till they die. I don’t know why the thought popped into my head, but I had a feeling Aunak is trying to get rid of me. “ What’s the matter Nefertiti, wine too good for you?”. There she goes again hissing in my face again. I looked at her Drank half of the wine and threw the rest in her face. She screamed so loud, but I couldn’t hear all the way because I was already out the door. I hope her Royal Highness loves burning eyes.

    The Library (1291 B.c.) Monday

    I come into the library to calm and relax myself, but I just couldn’t find a way to get away from Aunak. I’m not even able to write in the privacy of my own room! She has servants spying on me. When I went to confront Aunak she made sure Father was by her side. She simply said that the spies were for protection just incase someone or something was trying to harm me. I said that I know how to protect myself and she laughed and sent me to my room. Rye is calling for me: I wonder what he wants.

    About noon

    Rye called me into his chambers (Father thinks that Rye will make a fine pharaoh one day because he hopes he will marry me) to tell me some horrible news. Turns out that Aunak’s spies have read this diary! That wench, when I get my hands on that throat of hers I swear I’ll kill her! Rye could tell that I was upset about this and offered to train. I looked at Rye as if he were the most empty-headed man ever and screamed “No!” I saw the hurt expression on Rye’s face the apologized. He looked happier, but maybe still hurt. Then a thought pooped into my head; what if I fought with Aunak in a spar and won? That would ruin her life, reputation, and marriage with Father! I turned told Rye my genius plan and he agreed that if I want to ruin a woman I must ruin her reputation first.

    Training Room (1291 B.c.) Wednesday

    Father allowed the fight thinking that it would show off Aunak’s strength! Sorry Father, but she has no strength. Aunak was very pleased with the fight. As soon as I told Father my idea he wanted to see it the very next moon (tomorrow). I’m in the room now and practicing. The fight is not till noon tomorrow, which feels like a lifetime away. Rye has trained with me for about four hours and so has Father. I need to train till the fight so I’ll write around midnight tomorrow.

    My Room (1291 B.C.) Thursday

    That was the most glories fight of my life! Of course Aunak lost. She stood no chance, just like Father and Rye. I am the best fighter in all of Upper Egypt. How did I defeat that wrenched witch you might ask? Well it all happened so fast; I might not be able to remember… she tried so hard to strike me! We began the fight with our arms crossed, bowing, She went for an axe and began to twirl it in her hands, and I choose a spear. She came about arms length away from me and went for my right leg. I jumped and cut her left shoulder. I used extra force to make sure that she would remember who put that cut there. Her face screwed up like she had 1,000 lemons at once! She threw her axe at me and ran for a sword. I dogged. Aunak was now armed was running towards me. She lifted her sword and swung. I heard the crowd gasp and scream. But they should not have wasted their breath because when Aunak swung I blocked with my spear. She had split it into two! So here I was with no weapon and Aunak with a sword. What to do? I did a back flip and threw the sharp part of my spear at Aunak. She thought she dogged it, but turns out she did exactly what I thought she would; duck. When she thought I had threw the sharp edge I still had it in my hand! She was on the floor still ducking when I took the sharp edge of the spear and cut her on the face! She was so shocked that she laughed at the sight of her own blood then fainted. That was the most wonderful thing I could I have possibly ever done in my life. Mother would be so proud. Really tired, I must sleep.

    The Great Palace (1291 B.c.) Friday

    Aunak is the worst person in the world! She has convinced Father to get me a betrothal! On Monday is when I will meet him. His name is Playmon. He is supposed to be very handsome and smart, but I think he just fell into Aunak’s twisted plan. I know Playmon; he is the most unattractive man I have ever seen. He is also very “round”. Aunak probably choose him because he is ugly yet rich. I get the ugly man she gets the money. Rye won’t talk to me. He feels that since I am pre-arranged to be married we should not see each other. I, of course think differently. Diam is also betrothed. She will marry one of the most richest (and handsome) men in all of Egypt. His name is Hornoknous (Hor – no- nus) and 21 years old. Someone is coming. Hold on. Diam will meet her betrothal the same day I do. This should be interesting