• "Goodie, another school, why do we have to keep moving mom?" a fifteen-year-old girl asked her mom as she was about to get out of the car and walk up to Casper High School.

    "Riley just grin and bear it, none of us like moving, not me, your father, and how do you think its like on you're older brother? He's two years you're elder and he does just fine."

    "Yeah but Tom is like a super genius, it gets really annoying," she said huffing, and pulling her hood up stepping out of the car.

    Riley Smith was wearing a pair of baggy dark wash jeans and a forest green hoodie. She had shaggy light brown hair that fell into her bright green eyes that were dulled by her glasses. Sighing she trudged past the happy kids and into her next school. Her father had died when she was little, so her mother now had to raise them, and to be honest she really wasn't that great of a mom. Sometimes it seemed that all she cared about was her job, that took her all across the country, which in consequence took Riley and Tod all across the country. Sure they got to meet all different kinds of people, but they never stayed long enough in one place to really get to know people.

    Having been deep in thought she accidentally bumped into a tall football player with blonde hair.

    "Hey watch it shrimp!" he said grabbing her collar obviously not realizing she was a girl.

    "Why don't YOU watch it, I'm a girl idiot!" she said freeing herself from his grip.

    "S-So! You're still a shrimp and you just ran into me!" he said throwing a punch.

    Riley easily dodged it by leaping backwards hands still in her pockets with a bored look on her face. The boy obviously didn't get the picture, as he kept trying to punch her forcing her outside. However one time when she went to leap backwards two strong arms caught her, apparently the football player's teammates had shown up. Holding her steady they snickered as the blonde one strode foreward.

    "Thats it you little midget, you're so getting it," he said.

    "So Dash, you've sunk low enough to beat up girls now?" asked a black haired boy stepping foreward.

    "Just wait Fenton you're next," Dash said.

    "Hey Dash, right? You're not good enough to beat me up without backup? How pathetic," Riley asid smirking. She had gotten herself out of more than her fair share of street fights and knew how to get herself out.

    "What?! No way! Let her go guys, I'll show this girly how awesome I really am!" he said throwing a punch right at Riley's face which instead of dodging she stopped with her own hand. Bending it back she forced him onto his knees.

    "Listen up pretty-boy. My name is Riley Smith, I'm fifteen, a GIRL, and I travel the country thanks to my moms job. Do not ever try to beat me up ever again, or else a sore wrist will be the least of your worries," she said releasing him.

    As the crowd dispersed she walked over to the boy and his two friends, a goth girl, and a nerdy boy who had stuck up for her. "Hey, thanks for trying to help," she said with a small grin. "Name's Riley," she said sticking her hand out.

    "Nice to meet you, this is Sam and Tucker, I'm Danny, Danny Fenton," said the boy with black hair shaking her hand.


    "So where are you from?" Tucker asked.

    "All over, my mom's job takes us all over the country. To be honest I really don't remember where I was born," Riley said shrugging as she walked home with Danny, Sam, and Tucker.

    "How do you deal with that?" Sam asked. "I've lived here all my life, and I can't imagine what it'd be like to leave."

    "I dunno, I just do I guess. Besides, no matter how much I might complain it won't change the fact that me and my little family are like leaves,we go wherever the wind may take us."

    "Hey you're into poetry?" Sam asked noticing the poetic feel to her words.

    "Kinda, I'm indifferent to it I suppose," she said shrugging.

    "What about technology?" Tucker asked.

    "Now, that I know absolutely nothing about. All I know is how to use my phone and my iPod," Riley said displaying her Kyocera cell phone and her iPod video.

    "Well this is me," said Sam. "Bye Danny, Tucker, Riley," Sam said wavingand walking inside.

    "I could teach to be more techish," Tucker offered.

    "No thanks, it would only get all cluttered around up here," she said pointing to her head.

    "Ok well I've got virtual reality games to play see ya' around," Tucker said walking away.

    "Yeah and this is my house," Riley said walking up to the apartment complex."

    After waving goodbye, Riley walked upstairs to the top floor where her family's apartment was located.

    Stepping in she kicked off her shoes and walked into her small room that had a balcony overlooking the city. Flopping down on her bed she flipped on her radio and started listening to Daughtry.


    "Take that!" yelled a white haired boy wearing a black and white jumpsuit as he beat up an octopus ghost sealing it into a thermos.

    "Fifteen minutes," said Tucker from the ground. "That was seriously slow dude," he said as the white haired ghost boy floated back down to earth.

    "Yeah I know, I'm just tired," he said turning back into his human form Danny Fenton.

    Suddenly he was captured by a net, "Ugh, not Skulker to." He groaned and transformed back into Danny Phantom. But when he tried to break out of the net he found it was to strong. "Tucker run!" he yelled.

    And so Tucker ran trying to get help. But Sam wasn't home and he certiantly couldn't get Danny's parents to help. Panting he was running back to do anything he could to help his friend when something flew by his head. Speeding up he was met with a female ghost girl who had just freed Danny and was now battling Skulker with intensity.

    She had long sweeping bright green hair and wore a pair of baggy black cargo pants that were belted to stay on. She had on a long sleeved black underarmor top that had a glowing green circle on her arm that connected the rivlets of lime green energy that ran all over her upper body, and she wore black and green boots.

    "Wow! Who is she?!" Tucker asked as the mystery ghost fired green jets from her eyes.

    "I don't know, she just showed up and started kicking his but," Danny said.

    Then they glanced up as the girl paused and shot a beam of pale green light from some sortof contraption on her wrist that appeared to be a mini green thermos. The thing sucked skulker up and closed itself up. Turning to the two boys on the ground she gave a tilt of her head and vanished.


    -The Next Day-

    "I'm telling you Sam, I've never seen that ghost before. She was all green and black. Which was kinda cool, but still, it was really weird," Dannysaid as him Tucker and Sam walked to school.

    "Could it be another ghost girl like your cousin Danni?" Tucker asked.

    "I don't know, my ghost sense wasn't acting up, so its possible," Danny replied.

    "Still, its pretty weird. A new girl shows up at school who Danny helps, then a new ghost girl shows up and helps Danny. Way to concidental," Sam said.

    "Yeah, but the thing it, whenever I change my hair and my eyes are all that change color, Riley has short black hair, the ghost had long green hair. Maybe we should ask Riley about this," Danny said rubbing his head.

    "Ask me what?" came the distinct voice of Riley Smith from in front of them. She had just taken her earbud of her iPod out of her ear and was staring at them quizically.

    "Just about some ghost we saw the other night," Tucker offered.

    "Ghosts? Are you serious? Ghosts don't exist," Riley said staring at them as if they were crazy.

    They stared at eachother as if saying 'she can't be the mystery ghost.'

    "Um did I miss something?" Riley asked.

    "Oh no no," they said waving it off.

    "Whatever, I guess we better get to school, wouldn't wanna miss that math test," she said her voice laced with sarcasm.

    "Yeah," they all said with a harmonious sigh.

    Suddenly the sky turned dark and the air was filled with wild laughing. They all spun around to see a pale greasy looking ghost on a motorcycle.

    "Hey punks whats up?" he asked speeding towards them Sam and Tucker looked at eachother and nodded. They threw themselves out of the way and 'accidentally' knocked Riley over blocking her vision so Danny could transform.

    "Hey Johnny! Over here!" Danny Phantom now yelled. "Looking for me?!"

    Spitting on the ground Johnny said, "Shadow attack!" Suddenly his shadow leapt to life and started attacking Danny.

    Sam and Tucker stood on the side lines trying to act scared.

    "You better run," Sam said to Riley turning around to find that Riley was already running away.

    A few seconds later there was a flash of green light as the same green ghost from last night appeared and gathered energy up around her fist punched a hole through the shadow causing it to howl in pain, the light eating away at it. Standing back she proceeded to suck the shadow up into the thing on her wrist. Turning she found that Danny had just sucked Johnny up into his thermos.

    However this time asshe was about to disappear Danny grabbed her wrist and asked, "Who are you?"

    Turning her face to him she stared then in an emotionless voice said, "you may call me Static," then wrenched her arm free from his grip and teleported herself away.


    "So her name is Static, I guess she's some sort of electrical ghost girl," Danny said as they walked into school.

    "Yeah, so that means Riley can't be Static, Riley told us she doesn't really know anything about technology," Tucker said.

    "She could have been lying, after all she did seem nervous when you were talking about it," Sam pointed out.

    "Anyway it doesn't really matter, so far Static seems to be on our side, what does it matter if we know who she is or isn't?" Danny asked.

    "Yeah, you're right dude, lets just forget it," Tucker said.

    -A few Hours Later-

    The sky turned dark and Danny looked out the window of his English class to see Static Battling Skulker.

    "Uh may I be excused?!" Danny asked as he ran out the door.

    "I'm going ghost!" he yelled once he got outside. Then Skulker threw a box at Static that grew larger and encased her bringing her to the ground. There was a flash of light as Static burst free and punched Skulker in the face causing him to fly to the ground.

    "Let me help!" Danny said shooting bursts of green light from his fists.

    "Just don't get in my way!" Static yelled back.

    So together they finished beating up skulker and Static sucked him back up as he yelled 'I'll be baaaaack!!'

    Turning to Static Danny stuck his hand out, "My name is Danny Phantom, I know you're Static but we've never officially met. It's good to have a good ghost on our side."

    She shook his hand, "Yeah, I am new here but the ghosts aren't nearly as tough as the ones in other places."

    "You know, this is the most I've heard you say since I first met you."

    "I tend to not make friends," she said turning away.

    "Well you've made on here," Danny said as she left. Changing back he rushed back inside recieving a week's detention for skipping class.

    Static teleported back into the girls bathroom. Letting out a sigh she transformed and went back to class, 'I wish I could tell him' she thought letting out a depressed sigh.


    -A Week Later-

    Having been fighting side-by-side with Static Danny had grown used to the fact that she was always there. He didn't learn anything else really, other than she was suprisingly nice. It was a rainy day and everyone was inside, either watching TV, or trying to keep themselves entertained some other way. Suddenly there was a flash of lighting and Danny's ghost sense picked up a ghost outside. Making up some excuse or another he ran outside to find Static and Technus facing off.

    "Why are you here?!" Static yelled at him over the thunder.

    "Now now, daughter is that really anyway to greet your father?" Technus said laughing.

    "Father?" Danny gasped under his breath.

    "Shut-up! I hate you! You're not my father!" she yelled her voice streaked with emotion.

    Technus gave a 'tut-tut' "very well daughter, I'll be back later to pick you up."

    She let loose a howl and blasted the air where he just was with a mega-blast. She sank to the ground crying silently rain pouring on her.

    "You're his daughter?" came a voice from in front of her. Leaping back she assumed a fighting stance.

    "Its me Danny," he said coming out of the shadows. She didn't move from her stance. "I'm not going to suck you into the thermos if thats what you think. You've helped me on more than one occasion."

    She stared at him, grateful that the rain masked her tears. "I can't choose my parents, you think I like being known as that thing's daughter?!" she screamed. "Well I don't!" And with that she ran away leaving Danny with a look of pity on his face.

    -The next day-

    As per usual Danny, Sam, and Tucker, were on their way to meet up with Riley on the way to school.

    "So Static is Technus' DAUGHTER?" they both asked schocked.

    "Yeah, he said he would be back for her later. I'm actually kinda worried for her," Danny said.

    "Yeah, poor girl. I can imagine what her life must've been like growing up," Tucker said.

    They all nodded in agreement. When they got to Riley's apartment they were met by a tall boy with brown hair and the same green eyes. He however had a clean cut appearence.

    "How may I help you?" he asked.

    "Uh yeah hi is Riley home?" Danny asked.

    "Yes she is."

    "Then can we see her?" asked Sam.

    "I'm affraid not, she isn't feeling well today," the older boy said.

    "Hey dude...who are you?" asked Tucker.

    "My name is Thommas Smith, I am Riley's older brother. Now if you will please excuse me I have work to do," he said slamming the door in their faces.

    "Ouch that was rude," Tucker said.

    "Well I hope she gets better," Danny said as they left.

    Riley gave a sigh as she watched her new friends make their way to school from her balcony. Walking back into her room she closed the curtians and curled up on her bed clutching her pillow sobbing quietly.


    During his study hall Danny went to the bathroom and transformed and flew over to Riley's apartment. Turning invisible he flew through the wall and into her room. He saw her lying on her bed curled up into a ball and shivering. Pulling her blanket out from under her he tucked her in making sure she was comfortable. Seeing her relax visibly he smiled then flew back to school.

    Riley awoke no longer cold in her room, which was always cold. Apparently someone had tucked her in bed. She smiled for the first time that day andsnuggeld herself back down to re-enter her dreams.

    -Back at School-

    Danny had been fighting minor ghosts all day it seemed still with no sign of Static. Was she avoiding him because of what he saw and heard? He didn't know.

    Finally with an exhausted sigh he sucked up the last ghost.

    "Don't worry dude, maybe you'll see her tomorrow," Tucker said patting his friend on the back.

    "Yeah, Static couldn't have just up and left," Sam said trying to be comforting.

    "I know, its just that...I didn't realize that I was so used to her being with me," Danny said transforming back into a human.

    -The Next Day-

    The next day they met up with Riley on their way to school, only today Sam was out of town visiting her relatives, which she hated. And Tucker was obsessing over some new gaming station his grandma had gotten him, so it was just Danny and Riley.

    "So, you wre sick yesterday?" he asked.

    "Yeah, I didn't feel to good. But I'm fine now," she said with a half smile.


    They walked on in silence for a few minutes then Danny's ghost sense picked up as the sky darkened. "Um hey Riley I forgot something at home, I'll meet you at school," he said running back the way they had come. Riley just nodded dumbly then after he had rounded the bend she too ran off and out of sight.

    "Peek-a-boo I see you!" said Technus as he spied Static racing towards him.

    She shot plasma beams out of her eyes and hands as Danny arrived.

    "Hey you're back!" he said.

    She nodded, "yeah, I can't run away from him so I might as well fight him," she said shooting Technus with a double handed beam.

    "It's good to have you back."

    "Yes daughter, so very good to have you back!" Technus said emphasizing the last word as he threw a sphere at her that encased her in ghost-resistant metal preventing her from escaping.

    As she spent her energy trying to get out Danny was trying to fend Technus off. There was a flash of light and together they managed to crack the ball which Riley fed her energy through eventually ssplitting it in half. Even though she was tired she still persisted in fighting. dragging herself into the sky she wasshot down by Technus.

    "Hmmm it seems like you've made a little friend," Technus said hovering over the now unconcious Danny Fenton, since Danny had just transformed back due to lack of conciousness. "What shall we do with him? Lets destroy the ghost child who has befriended our daughter and has thwarted us multiple times!" Technus said laughing.

    As Technus fired Riley managed to get enough strength to jump in front of the beam letting it knock her unconcious. As she fell powerless to the earth in front of Danny who had now just woken up he saw her transform.

    "Riley?! Static? NO!" he yelled realizing that they were the same person. The person who had just thrown herself in front of a deadly plasma beam to save him.

    Getting up he ran up to her, reading her pulse he found it weak.

    "I may have just killed my daughter but at least now her life is ruined!" Technus said disappearing.


    Danny knelt wide-eyed over her body. Tears springing to his eyes. Hastily wiping them away he picked her up and transformed, then flew them to her home. Transforming back into his human form he kicked on the door.

    Tom answered it, "What do you want?" he asked. Then seeing his little sister in Danny's arms all broken and unconcious he hastily ushered them in.

    "Bring her in here," Tom said opening the door into the spare bedroom.

    The interior surprised him. There was a long cylindrical chamber with a glass top that was open. Danny placed Riley inside and stepped back as the glass closed. Tom was over at a bank of computers typing with one hand and using a stylus on another monitor. He pushed a button and green gas filled the chamber. Suddenly Riley changed into her ghost form even though she remained unconcious. The green energy rivlets on her upper body glowed brightly and the almost flat gem on her shoulder glowed and seemed to be pulsing with ghostly energy.

    "What are you doing?" Danny asked nervous.

    "You are Danny Phantom correct? You should know, I am speeding the recovery process. Usually her body can heal itself, or rather her suit can heal her body. But since her wounds are so bad it would take normally years for her to even awaken. So this machine speeds it up by introducing ghost radiation to her gem. The thing on her shoulder. The gem is connected to the ghost energy that you see on her top. That uses the inherited ghost energy and allows her to control it, so that shemay shift between human and ghost forms," Tom said in one long breath.

    "Wow, so are you a half-ghost as well?" Danny asked.

    "That would be correct, however my powers are limited to flight and fading out. I have never been able to completly disappear, just fade out," Tom said.

    "Oh," Danny said. He gazed nervously at Riley in the chamber. Then he noticed something. "Hey Tom, is her outfit supposed to be changing?"

    "Yes, we don't use this machine very much, but it does change her appearence slightly."

    Riley's shirt sleeves had disappeared so now her top was sleevless, but she was wearing arm warmers, and the green flat d**k-like gem that was on her shoulder had shrunk and was now around her neck on a black choker. But it still was connected to green rivelets that were all over her upper half. Her long lime green hair was now had a more faded look. The roots were a paler green and her hair grew a darker shade of green as it neared the tips.

    Her eyes fluttered open and the gas receeded from the chamber. The glass opened and she sat up, "How'd I get here? I thought..."

    Much to her surprise he simply swept down and captured her lips in a gentle kiss. Then he gripped her in a tight hug, "I thought you were dead."

    Riley just fell backwards out of shock her eyes were wide. Danny just laughed and helped her out of the machine.

    "So did I," Riley said. "I thought for sure I was going to die."

    "Then why did you block me," Danny asked.

    "Because, you have purpose in life," she said.

    "So? You do to!"

    "No I don't, look at me, I'm fifteen, don't know where I was born, my dad is an evil ghost, and I've been to 14 different schools," Riley said tears welling up.

    "Yeah, but you have Tom, and your mom, and m-" he stopped.

    "And? Who?" Riley asked now staring into his eyes.

    "And...me," Danny said blushing slightly. "I-I think I love you."

    She gave a little gasp. "Danny I-I."

    "It's ok if you don-" he was stopped by her hugging him tightly and then looking up at him then saying, "I love you to."


    -The Next Day-

    The next day Riley and Danny flew to school together smiling. They both had changed into their ghost forms and were now circling and doing tricks. They were simply happy, Tucker and Sam were back and could see the two above them.

    "Well so long as Danny's happy," Sam said sighing.

    "Well so long as Riley's happy," Tucker said in unision.

    They stared at eachother then smiled. They had just found what they had been looking for, eachother.

    -In the Ghost Zone-

    Meanwhile Technus sat in a large room covered with computer monitors that had live feeds from Amity Park. He watched his daughter and the ghost boy. As tehy had found love, he gave a wicked smile. 'Oh this will be fun.' he thought.

    Teleporting himself to the real world Technus crept up on his daughter. His attack was swift, he threw a plasma beam at her back which hit dead on. Riley and Danny spun around shooting plasma. They worked in perfect unision making for a deadly combination. After a while Riley was able to suck him into her mini thermos with a shout of joy.

    "This time he's going to stay in the ghost zone," she said flying back to her apartment, Danny by her side. Together they opened up the portal and flew in. They flew until they got to the prision. Only there did Danny stay behind. Riley walked up and knocked on the door. A gaurd peered out then let her in. She strode with power to Walker's office.

    "Why look who it is, Static. Hope you haven't broken the rules," Walker said standing up.

    "No sir. Just here to drop off a dangerous criminal. Technology Ghost Technus. He continues to illegally break into the human world and cause mayhem," she said releasing Technus from the thing on her wrist. Gaurds surrounded him and hauled him away to be locked up where he could never escape.

    "Job well done Static," Walker said.

    "Thank you sir. Now I'm affraid I must be going," Riley said leaving.

    Sighing with relief that Walker was still convinced she was a law-abiding citizen. She met up with Danny and together they returned back to their world.

    "Technus will never bother us again," Riley said smiling once they got back.



    -15 years later-

    Danny & Riley:

    Danny and Riley got married right after college and are now living happily in Amity Park. They have twins, a boy and a girl who inherited their parents ghost powers, and are half-ghosts. Danny and Riley founded a Ghost Catcher Company five years ago that trains young half-ghosts and humans in the art of capturing evil ghosts that have been coming through portals that have been popping up all over the country.

    Sam & Tucker:

    Sam and Tucker eventually got married and now work in the G.C.C. with Danny and Riley helping to train the human recruits.


    Technus still lives in Jail and has the Box Ghost as a cell mate.


    He met Jazz and it was love at first sight, they to both work at the G.C.C.helping with the technical support.