• What is this red liquid oozing from your chest? I cannot resist any longer to take a taste. it smells wonderful with a taste i can't describe,but by saying it is delicious. I could not stop myself from drinking more until i bleed you dry. Right then i knew of what monster i had become. A vampire. A creature of the night. I fled into the darkness,leaving your body bleeding and broken in the muck. i will never forgive myself for what i have done to you.
    Running into the night,afraid of what might happen next if i cannot quench this unsatisfiable thirst. Pushing past tree branches and shrubbery,i stumbled on every thing that lay in my path. My senses were strangely acute to the nights sounds and smells. Owls hooting in distant trees,the strong scent of wet earth and roasted meat from a dinner long since eaten.
    A cry of surprise escaped my lips as i tripped over a tree root and landed on my hands and knees. Tears flowed freely down my checks as i sobbed on the ground.
    I was a monster, and i knew very well what my life was to be like. "Why",was the only word i could manage to say. Why,was i to suffer like this? I had killed the only one that mattered deeply to me. Now i had nothing left. My throat burned,my body ached,i felt a sharp throbbing in my veins.Wreathing in agony,i tensed my body from the pain. Your blood had not been enough to satisfy this demon who i had become. I was sickened and repulsed at the thought of me partaking of your blood.
    Would i kill another as i had done you or would i die alone and afraid to accept what i really am. I knew that if i did not kill soon i would die. Is that what i wanted? To die,alone and afraid. I knew right then,it was either die or survive.........