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    Alicia took the "What color best describes you?" quiz and the result is Brown.<br />
    Your Personality is best described by Brown! Now when most people they think 'Ewww!' Well no. You're personality is warm and caring, you are very self-conscious and always trying to fit in, even tho your real friends are always by your side telling you about what an ama...zing person you are. You may not be pencil thin but you have the most beautiful heart and soul, your very intelligent and usually considered a geek. Don't ever let anything like that bring you down! You are perfect the way you are.. (: <br />
    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br />
    You are Holistic, random, concrete, intuitive, non verbal, fantasy oriented. If you have a Right Hemisphere Dominance, you process information from whole parts: you don't pay attention to details but look at the big picture. You don't adapt well to fixed schedules or rules: you like to manage your own time and enjoy doing many things at the same time. You learn best with pictures, diagrams, charts, and videos, and are good at talking about your feelings and interpreting other peoples emotions. Sometimes you may know that something is right and not know why: you just know it, and therefore you get a great at seeing through lies or tricks. You are impulsive and very expressive, and probably are a dreamer. You are best at social activities and have a special quality for artistic endeavors such as music or creative activities.<br />
    -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br />
    <br />
    You are a cheerful person. You have a bubbly personality. You're a social butterfly and are happiest when you're with the people you care about. There isn't anyone who isn't your friend. You care about your friends and family, and will always have room for more. You look at life with an optimistic eye and people often find that you are easy to get along with. You're always thinking of others' feelings, but remember to think of yourself once in a while. You're helpful, and end up doing a lot of favors and errands for other people, but you don't mind. If your friends are happy and content, then so are you. <br />
    -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Middle Aged Soul<br />
    <br />
    Life's about getting by, and remembering to appreciate what you have. Material possessions don't need to be so flashy or abundant - quality and comfort is more important than quantity or fashion. You get along with most people, but feel disdain towards those who are obviously not as mature, caring, or responsible as you are. You are sometimes still surprised by the actions of others and resent them for what they do or don't do. Relationships are typically stable and rewarding but can be challenged by spikes of miss-communication or apparent let-downs. You love to love and recognize the difference between love and "initial chemistry", but still find yourself drawn to the "new love" effect, or at least nostalgic for it. When faced with taking risks and playing it safe, 8 times out of 10, you'll play it safe - taking risks only when feeling bored with yourself or those around you. Life and death are still a mystery, but curiosity fires your imagination at times, enough to consider there may be more to it all than what you learned in kindergarten, high school, or yoga class.<br />
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