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  • Artist Info: ~~~~~ About the Artist ~~~~<br />
    <br />
    There isn't very much to say xD<br />
    I love drawing manga, mostly chibis, and watching anime. <br />
    I love to put my nose in a good book. <br />
    I play Halo 4, BO 2, and other "guy-ish" games. ._.<br />
    I'm an actor, and am in the Drama club/class.<br />
    I'm a singer, have been for almost 9 years now, and am in Chorus.<br />
    I LOVE listening to music, sometimes I write my own.<br />
    I'm not shy, but am quiet when the time is wrong to talk, and talk-a-tive when the time is to talk.<br />
    OMG Thank you to EVERYONE!!! I got featured!!! *faints*
    <br />
    Questing: 1 mil!
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