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    <br />
    Hellooo~ 4laugh <br />
    I'm Ashley<br />
    I'm 17.<br />
    I enjoy hustling guys at the park with my mad tennis skills. $$<br />
    I speak English, French, and a bit of Russian. <br />
    I tend to overuse the 4laugh emote.<br />
    I cry a lot, especially during history documentaries.<br />
    I'm a really gullible person.<br />
    I fall for everything, especially perverted and/or illegal <br />
    stuff.<br />
    Probably shouldn't announce that. sweatdrop <br />
    I'm fascinated by the human body, I could talk about <br />
    it all day long but that be weird, I know.<br />
    But I'm really nice, you should talk to me. c:<br />
    <br />
    8/27/10<br />
    I'm overwhelmed with schoolwork atm so I'm taking a break<br />
    from gaia, you can still talk to me here:<br />
    Skype: ashelinajolie<br />
    MSN: sacrebleu@live.com
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