• These shackles are holding me down.
    I'm waiting for my prince charming to come and free me.
    Prince Charming? huh...
    A story of make believes and happiness.
    Nothing ever happens like they do in fairy tales,
    so what am I waiting for?

    My imagination runs against the steel bars of its chamber.
    Emotions are locked away as I toss the key over my shoulder.
    The metal cling of cup on bars echoes through this cell.
    Laughs of the insane torment the air I inhale, and make it thick as it circulates in my lungs.

    Fairy's, dragons, kingdoms.
    The thoughts inside the innocent.
    Why do they listen to these thoughts?
    They cant believe them, can they?
    Little girls hoping to get swept off their feet and young boys wanting to be the hero by slaying the fire breathing monster.
    Puppets that can talk.
    Elephants that can fly.
    Only in fairy tales...

    Shadows grow and fade like the beat of a heart.
    Strong blood pulsing through veins.
    Click. Boom.
    Red stains the ground.

    Open your eyes and rays of light sting the irises.
    Your lifted off the soft floor.
    Hugged tightly into the body of someone else.
    Prince Charming...
    Grim Reaper...
    Good Morning...
    Good Night...

    Story Ends.