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    Yo homes i'm Angie<br />
    [ but call me whatever you want]Yes I am a lesbian [I'm single.]I'm a [freshmen] at Glenjoke.I have a good relationship with my rents i hate [analog ] clocks i love digital clocks I [don't]judge.and or [try] not to<br />
    I'm a [deep] thinker,and I'm more of a observer.<br />
    i [collect] rainbowsand pandas <3 Im kinda/very mature for my age So if your to [immature] leave me alone.I like any kind of rock.<br />
    I'm [against] polymerise .I practice monogamy.I dont believe in violence [unless you really piss me off ]<br />
    i am a [photographer ] My vocab is mostly [profanity.]i am i funny person .I'm addicted to having.my words mean [something]<br />
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