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  • Artist Info: I am going to change the world. By doing random acts of kindness and spreading the word of Jesus. I am going to be rooted in God and his love. Jesus loves me and I am going to be his vessel. He has a plan for me and he has given me many talents. He gave me a great ability to memorize things. The talent to draw. The skills to play many musical instruments. And the will to always find a way to be happy. So I want to share my gifts with the world. And I want them to share their gifts with me. I want to pray for people and bring them to God. But I need people to pray for me too. If you need to talk to me just ask I am willing to talk to everybody. <br />
    <br />
    Now a little about myself. I am Charity. I am currently 5 foot 2 and a half. I am a dirty blond with light blond tips. I am American. I am a CHRISTIAN an am proud of it. I go to church every Sunday and I even intern at my church. I like to draw, play instruments, dance and a lot more. I am currently single and I highly doubt I am gonna get a boyfriend anytime soon. I love Jesus because he saved my life. Now I have an eternal life and guess what my eternal life starts here on earth!
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