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  • Artist Info: EDIT: I don't use this account anymore or Gaia in general, but I will see all comments & PM's when I occasionally pay a visit here. I am found in dA and LJ, just ask.
    Hi (: <br />
    If u need to know something about me, well I loooooove making new friends irl and online. I love to doodle and i have a lot of stuff in my gallery in the arenas.<br />
    People who have donated me heart :<br />
    heart heart heart Betch cant touch this Bought my mispriced Ruby doll and sweetheart as she is she donated it back! heart 4laugh <br />
    heart Baobeii: Recipes aand other stuff <br />
    heart Chirpychups: 1k<br />
    heart -Naora_Elena-: 7k and Goldfish scarf, Heavenly Drapes, Laurels, ume blossom hairpin, wind halo, bullet belts, pink ribbon skirt, Kitty slippers, Winter rose, chickie scarf, doves, Kiki umbrella buddy, long-stem red rose, Tama the lucky cat, angelic mood bubble, heavenly awesome, Tuga the narwhal blush, deluxe witch's cauldron, mimzy aand so much much more (=<br />
    I luv you <3<br />
    heart chiroxsox: 5k <3<br />
    -YB<br />
    heart <br />
    User Image<br />
    Thank u for the art Helianthus angustifolius <br />
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