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  • Artist Info: BEFORE YOU READ! (understand this)<br />
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    Ok basically its not my problem if you think im weird, so unless you've lived my life dont judge me because you dont know, never have, and never will know every little thing and detail about me and no matter what you say im going to do what i want, say what i want and be whatever i wanna be and if you dont like it well no one said you had to be like me. <br />
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    Name:Brave Hearted Hero <br />
    Real Name: Dustan A.M<br />
    Personality: Im a really caring and protective person,naive about most things,I hate being bored and will go out of my way to make things interesting,openly expresses affection with my friends,and loves bending rules and laws whenever i can,strong-willed has that never give up type personality lol (NARUTO! XD),is somewhat comical(not really lol), and finally biggrin im kinda smart lol.<br />
    Likes: Dogs,Awesome Music,Chess,Rubix Cubes, My Girlfriend and finally Tacos!<br />
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    MY DOGGY! <3<br />
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    Me & My Girl :3 [iMusicalMinji]<br />
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