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    Hewwo im Angel! nice to meet you im 16 going on 17! yayz! ok so this is about me and what i like and what i dislike! so READ THIS OR IM GONNA CHOP YO HEAD OFF! i think idk! ok but heres meh! i like to play with kidz and play like stuff. and watch TV with them of course they have to put dora on! lol but dora is ok i think. but so yea....and i heart cheerleading. i cheer when school starts back! so ooooo lol and meh is nice so yea if im not nice im gonna punch yo buthole lol jk i play to much so lol oh and i have a room ok and i have my books journal's in dere i put my old toyz in dere from when i was like uhhh..... 4 or 5 summtin like dat i dont remember and i love to meet new ppl but i dont just run up to dem in say hewwo i go sit and day run to meh! then i get to know dem they send pic's of dere selves and it is cool and if yall have a chance please send me pics of gaia character's! i would love to put them on my profile with the other's or other lol and so if you have a chance get to talk to meh! ^^ pwease lol so hehe im looking at meh selfe in mirror lol O IM HOT! yayz! by de way im a blondie so ha! if you not blonde den ur hair is gonna wair a wig so this is meh bye!! FROM:ANGEL! meh prtty heheUser ImageUser Image
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