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  • Artist Info: Hello and welcome to my profile, i hope u find everything u need to know about me here, My name? my name is Maryann but close people call me Mary sometimes : ) thank God ive been on a journey of my life during 17 years, who am I? i cant answer thats question because i dont know, i think its fair u should know that i dont give personal information like phone number, facebook, etc. so if thats what ur looking for bad luck wink and heres a really important fact u need to know, touch any of my friends and believe me ull regret it! i get angry easily if its a bad day for me and i treat u as i shouldnt i apologize . My hobbies? i like drawin, readin, singing, acting, writing, i believe that im a really deep person u never get to know enough. My mood can change from a second to another ( and no that doesnt means im bipolar) and on my free times i work at a animal shelter, also im really eco friendly. fav colors? hmmm.......PURPLE! black, and green. I recomend u not to insult Justin Bieber in my presence o3o cause im a hugeee belieber so we could get into trouble for that and i dont like troubles O.o . Im still learning english because i talk spanish and i was born on a small country called onduras but actually right now im living in Buenos Aires Argentina a really awesome place : ) so sorry if sometimes i cant finish my own sentences due to my ignorance x3 <br />
    I hope its enough :3
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