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    I have been on gaia for a few years, but w/ different accounts. I've managed to stay committed to this account for about two years ^^. I'm not really the type of person who tries to randomly make friends so don't think I'm evil if I don't accept or reply to things. I'm 20-ish years old, female, Irish/Mexican (which is why I don't drink ;P ), love books, dir en grey, sushi, being chubby, and dressing up in my Pikachu kigurumi to go grocery shopping. (Insert sentence stating how badass I am at pwning trolls here, hater's gonna hate, yadda yadda, etc.) I draw but since I don't have a scanner I'm not really doing any art. If your avatar gets my muse going, though, I may draw it. I just won't be able to show you XD. Aaaaand that's about it =w=b<br />
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