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  • Artist Info: Hi~<br />
    My name is Samantha but don't call me that I really hate when people call me Samantha so you can call me Sam or Sami I prefer Sami though, just sayin.<br />
    I'm not very old and towards one of the shortest kids in my class compared to some of the kids that go to my school. And I'm just a liitle bit taller than 5ft.<br />
    I have one brother and one sister. <br />
    My brother is 21 and he is in the Marines. Plus I've just found out he is getting married to a marine this October. Whoo, go Josh!<br />
    My sister is 8 and is seriously annoying. She always goes in my room and doesn't leave me alone. And apparently doesn't understand that when you hit me I'm bound to hit back.<br />
    Anyways.....As for music just listen to my playlist which should be playing right now. If its not please tell me so I can fix the fricken thing!<br />
    My fave band is HIM! Yes thats right you read correctly. After them its probably Clutch, CKY, or Good Charlotte!<br />
    My favorite person/thing in the whole world is my dog Duncan! He's my best friend(well 1 of my 2 best friends, my other best friends name is Dustin) and no one make fun or be mean to me or him for that matter because hes a dog. I love him very much and spoil him like heck, and do anything for him. He's just that awesome!!! Plus I have another dog named riley whos like pretty much smaller than a toaster, but I don't really care for her that much cause she's a lot like my sister. So lets not worry about her.<br />
    I also really like milk. You can ask any of my friends they'll say yes. Plus I drink like either a gallon or half a gollon of milk each day so yeah. <br />
    Don't make fun of me for this either but I sleep with a cute little Pooh Bear stuffed animal I won out of a machine, plus a new one my mom gave me for my birthday<br />
    My favorite animal is a bear, they're so cute. And my fave color is green and blue. I don't like anime, I used to but not anymore. Its pretty boring nothing exciting happens in any of them. And most of the guys are gay. I don't even like gay guys all that much they talk worse than some of those seriously preppy girls do. Can you say annoying? <br />
    Okay, I just so happen to really like the show Jackass!!! It rocks. I watch all the other stuff too like Viva La Bam, Wildboyz, Nitro Circus, and The Dudesons In America, love those guys! I really like Johnny Knoxville I married him in my mind, lol. But my fave out of everyone is Ehren Mcghehey aka Danger Ehren. No clue why I like him so much...I just do.<br />
    I guess I've said all I really need to. <br />
    L8TER<br />
    <br />
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