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  • Artist Info: well im 14 my name is britany i live in a small town in southern texas were it is extreamly hot in the summer and mild during the winter i have tons of friend here r sum of them :Maritza ,miranda ,monica (there triplets) charity, april, hannah ,elizebeth and tons more but to many to write um....... my favorite food is a pickle my fav color is a tie between aqua blue and seafoam green <br />
    my family consists of a big brother named anthony a mom :mary dad: david and i have a kitty skitter (hes skittish thats y i named him that) a bunny,sugar plum and a puppy named Lexi<br />
    hair color:brown<br />
    eye color :brown<br />
    and light tan skin<br />
    thats baysicaly it if u want 2 no more just mail me!!!!! bye!!!
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