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    Hey, this is Caitlin. <br />
    I am 17 years old and my b-day is Oct-4.<br />
    My fave colors are black and red and navy blue.<br />
    I have absolutely no life what-so-ever and I love to read write and draw as much as I can...I will try to get my drawings up here in the art arena whenever I can <3 :3.....<br />
    My fave anime's are yu yu hakusho, Inuyasha, Naruto, Hellsing, Kaleido star, and various others I cannot think of the names of right now.<br />
    My favorite subjects to read and write about are Vampires, wereanimals, and magic. NO NOT TWILIGHT (laurell k hamilton and christine feehan; they're older writers)<br />
    Umm....I am writing my own vampire novel, so please if you see my story in forums please send me a pm if you like it
    <br />
    <br />
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