✰ I Welcome Insightful Comments! ✰

I thought I’d make a Journal entry for the first time, in an attempt to increase the occurrence of more insightful comments on my works!☺ My pieces lack commentaries so often, I sometimes barely feel like I’m even sharing them with others! I appreciate those rare folks who -have- commented often! (♥Klydey!♥)

☺ What I Like ☺

☞ Insightful Comments!
I’ve sometimes been lucky enough to receive especially-awesome comments from various sources, and I love such comments so much that I copy and keep them for good in a word document!
The Microsoft Word dictionary defines “insightful” as:
“The ability to see clearly and intuitively into the nature of a complex person, situation, or subject.”
What I basically mean, though, is that I’d like to hear what a character makes you -think- or -feel-! It can be as simple as what went through your mind when you saw it! I sometimes get nice compliments on how my characters actually have readable emotions and meaningful poses, so I know they’re worthy of insightful comments! I don’t just draw faces or bodies, I draw true -character-!☺

☹ What I Dislike ☹

☞ Non-Insightful Comments!
I already know I draw well. Thanks!☺

☞ Critiques!
I almost never have this small “problem” on deviantART. Great! It’s mainly a problem in the Gaia Online Art Arena. Some artists like and appreciate critiques. Critique -them-! I, on the other hand, find that it tends to ruin my enjoyment of gazing at a piece, especially when it’s still so new that I haven’t yet had time to cut the umbilical cord, man!☺ I’d rather learn from myself, according to my very own opinions and discretion. Call it “pride” if you will, it’s just the way I roll! I wouldn’t draw at all if it wasn’t about happiness!☺

☞ External Comparisons!
I don’t like people comparing any of my characters to an already-existing character from another production of any sort, most of these past comparisons being characters I haven’t even -heard- of, or are so far from the true nature of my character that it was a very silly comparison!☺ I also don’t like people comparing my style to another style of any sort, such as even casually referring to it as “anime,” “manga,” or any of the more categorical descriptions that exist within those, usually a term of Japanese origin. (“bishie,” “yaoi,” etc.) I realize deviantART, and especially Gaia Online, can have a very Japanimation-influenced sort of culture, so I’ve learned to stomach the use of Japanese words in English sentences, and I’ll continue to forgive passing “anime” references in peoples’ comments, because I’ll assume they haven’t read this. But I’m not Japanese, I have nothing to do with Japan, my characters have nothing to do with Japan, (besides -one- samurai guy, okay?!☺) my style has nothing to do with Japan, and my art has nothing to do with Japan. The “style” known as “anime” could have originated from -France- for all I care! And then we’d all be talking about how “futé” it is instead of “kawaii”! Like most artists, I don’t like it when my art is labeled!☺ In -any- predetermined way! I never touch “reference material” (there are ways it can be downright dishonest cheating!), I purposely avoid external influences when I can, and I try to cater an environment of originality and creativity, to see what my noggin comes up with on its own! And I certainly don’t have to conform to what people are -used- to seeing in any other styles. I wouldn’t dedicate so much of my time and effort drawing something I didn’t consider my very -own-.☺ No one else is forcing me to draw a certain way, or guiding my hand, or directing my line. It’s all me, baby! It’s what I like—a part of me, an expression of myself. You may have noticed I seem to have -dozens- of different styles, at least in terms of facial designs. I like to experiment and show what I can do.
In a nutshell, I just draw what I -like-!☺

✰ I Welcome Insightful Comments! ✰