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  • Artist Info: Are u sittin comfortably then i shall begin this epic story of a young girl who travles long and far to make u yes u want to read her profile o.o her name was elmo a strange and unique type of person who will say hmmmmm for no reason and only wills u to comment, pm and add her in return for readin a precious peice of her personality >.<<br />
    *ahem <br />
    oh well i shall stop now <br />
    well hello ello howdy hey and hohoho (that last one was fer santa >.< wink anyways i lib in london (yesh i say lib fer live) fer now i am the humble 15 ommm. yes i am weird different wait i tell a lie i am weird different and unique XD. hmmmmm if i say the following word after the full stop (hmmmm) that does not indicate im thinkin u got its my habit. <br />
    oh lalala musi music music well well well (that was to fill up the space lol) i like many kinds of music mostly rock woot woot it rocks literally ( did i spell dat right) <br />
    hmmmmmm (now im thinkin) frends well go check down there on the fwends list and add meh okkk u have no say init just add jk <br />
    THE END [ =<br />
    oh wait i havent told u my real name well my name is.......find out after u add me [ = hmmmm now b4 i go ( ur probably thinkin yes finally) i would like to share this with u before we part sides ( ie: when u stop reading this and gettin to escape my full of nonsense profile for u and me gettin to escape writing wateva comes to my head x]) i will say this last thing which is <br />
    buh byez to evrybody who ( unfortunatley) stumbled into my profile
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