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The Journy continues...
For ******** sake, can't a guy get a break?
With a few fumble words of shallow heed and the b*****d has you around his finger, yet my constant journaling aand attention seems to keep me under your radar like some sort of failed abortion.
Seriously girl, you got issues -you do need to grow up, no offene. But what must be said must be said. You idolize the fun and you cherish the close, yet a large act of time consumption from me is the equivelent of the morning newspaper - you know? THat thing that you back over in your driveway, then pick up that gross ******** wrapper and toss it in the trash? Yeah, totlly me.
I'm not trying to be a p***y or nothing, but in all you've given me extremely little in the wake of my sacrifices and acts of love - amidst my acts of wonder and confusion.
It breks my heart for you to faint at a boy who does very little for you in comparison to me. But of corse, he makes you "Feel happy / better" so it makes all the ******** difference.

I've held on for hope for years while you feed me just enough to keep me alive, yet ignore me all the more. It's sick and tiring, and I've nearly had enough - the only thing to hold out on is that nail I've been saving for our relationship, you can either criucify me with it, or bang it into the coffin of our relationship, or possibly meld them into a heart? Idk - but I'm going to see about a visit on your birthday (Love the fact that you take it to heart so shallowly) and your reaction will pend the result of our relationship, and Dark and Luna's.
Dark hates that I'm doing this, but there are two ways the story can end - Luna Dies by an infection late in the book, before Dark can even give Nathan (Their son) away, yet there is also a chance that she dies in a fatl car accident 10 years after the events of Dark + Luna, leaving Dark a happy ending with Luna his bride.
Oh yeah, totally forgot that you stopped caring about me - just wondering, but can I ******** have my great grandmother's ring back? I gave it to you like a promise ring - doesn't seem like you're living up to the expectations babe.

And, in this all, I'm not making a point of others. That I'm more deserving than other giuys and that these other kids are no force against me. I know and continue to believe that I'm a ******** lowlife and less as worthy for love's favor than most other guys. But ******** it baby, not even a word muttered from your longing lips as you seek others, I ******** did everything I could for you and you just let me fade into the dark like some sort of has-been.

I waited for almost 2 years for the chance to be your boyfriend, and you let me get SO close just to kick me aside once more.

No teasing
No playing
No stuttering

Compose the deepest sentences and state them now...

... I know you've been happily witing for me to say this, and you'll probobly leap out of your seat from exitment if you were to ever read this...

... but I'm losing interest in you.


(P.S. - I know you probobly feel like this is "Unfair" because you never asked for the attention, and I'm getting all riled up pover a backfiring system. But you've had enough reality checks and you're ******** old enough to undesrtand how serious this is - that I would have stood by you forever, and that I poured my heart out to you - yet without even a proper adress you just let the lonliness sink in. You brought this on yourself babe, even if your own view dissagrees with that)

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