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The Journy continues...
Nobody wants to marry an author
There are many, many reasons for this.
An author is subjected to many curses. - such that strain a relationship in the worst of ways.

Authors probobly have the most passionate hearts, but this is burdened with (Most likely) weak bodies, and feeble social minds.
THe lack of social stability comes from the common act of planning - Authors plan s**t, so when they get into an unscripted social event - it caters to a nervous heart.
not to mention that good writers care much about character so they give many diverse characters much love and affection.
This caters to indecisive behavior. THey may hve a clever thing to say, but the unsurity of how to word it may cause the tongue to slurr.

Authors are insane. They have natural inquiry, discontentment - yet they are humble and modest. It's too bad that Authors have such talent that conflicts with the more important things such as a relationship.

The fact of the matter is, different writing styles cater to more diverse actions.

FE- I'm writing a very violant story about a mob war amidst the search for a loved one. Since this is happening, my actions have become MUCH more agressive. This is because I study how different characters kill - set off - and all around, efficiant and baligerant killing.

Authors have this, subtle view on things. They have so much to SAY. But what they think of anything and everything has a deep virtue to it. This does NOT come in handy during common society. People gravitate towards the careless and the calm, rather than the overthaught tence ways of the author.

Indeed, the author also ties his heart to a single girl, during a much timely encounter usually.
FE - I love Rachel, and if you beg any difference, I will have no patience with you.

due to the nature of the author as a more governing creature and an inquisitive one at that - distance is the enemy.

FE- I longed so badly to know what it was like to shoot a 20 gauge shotgun (One much like the one that Dark will weild) last week I got to shoot one and I knew what I needed to, so I also stole a live shotgun round from y friends dad, now I have it - it has a sort of smooth texture to it, yet has a uniqu weight to it. After shooting it, I knew the devestation that it could unleash if I were to drop it. I longed so badly to do this, that not being able to shoot my fiend's, dad's shotgun simply killed me.
Distance is the enemy of the author-
because the distance is unknown.

Authors are also infamous for their more... persistant side. Many authors, once starting a story, would not have peace of mind until their work is done.
This also happens in relationships The author invades ones life and seeks peace in it.
(I say the sacrifice of secrecy is a decent barter for a good friend)

But the skitsofrenic nature and the all around insanity factor with the author is a bit difficult to explain. They think hevily on everything - catering to akward moments in that as well.
Not to mention the demonic side.
As heroic as that author may seem, they are only as heroic as they are villainous.
Though they may trap such evil thaughts away, they still are present, and are a constant threat if you were ever to awaken them.

overall, authors have a nature about them that breeds arrogance. The constant cockyness, with that humble taste that makes them untouchable. The constant use of vast vocabulary.
The way tht they may try to romance you and be sweet, while all the while abnoxious.

Why would anyone want to marry an author?

... why would anyone want to marry me.

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Fxxx The Odds
Community Member
commentCommented on: Sun Jan 02, 2011 @ 09:10am
Because You're amazing, loving, tender hearted, amusing, affectionate, not to gentle, funny, outrageous, you know what you want, eager, adorable, comforting, a great writer, intelligent etc.

commentCommented on: Thu Jan 13, 2011 @ 10:25pm
Because someone out there is willing to handle that.

Community Member
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