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The Journy continues...
Im not worth her time and she knows it.
I'm focusing allof my energy on this s**t
but its getting too hard to get the mission done.
I't like I already know that the enemy's won.
The sadness just creeping but im keeping this on,
because I want the impossible
I'll jump every obstical.
But it's a two man job and my partner cant take it.
Even when I'll take her enemies by the kneck and then break it.

She gives me the short stuff
She shows me she's so tough.
When both of us know
that it's all just a show.
And it's harder to breath
with her knashing her teeth.

Im blowing my system up trying to erase it.
It's just getting to close that im starting to taste it.
The bitterest taste
blowing up in your fane n'
biting your tongue
while you reach for your gun.
You just want it to end, you cry out and scream.
'Til your brains on the wall and it's all just a dream.

you wanna just save her
when she's saying "Just later"
She's trying to put you up
becasue she don't give a ********.
She has her eyes on the prizes and decides just to take it.
She's ending her life and there's no way to fake it.

She yells "It's too late"
That it wont dissapate.
And you just want her to stop it you just want it to end
so your warn all her neighbors and talk to her friends.

But YOU are the outcast and YOU are the source.
that YOU are the blood in her system that's coursing
and forcing her to pick up the blade and just cut,
and that YOU are the friend that calls her a slut.
You can't take it no more you just wanna blow up.
Just walk up to her boy and tell him to shut
it just so tht he'll drop you and bash then in your brains,
and hope that the loss just drives her insane.

You want her to love you but dont know the how,
Till you pop a few pills and scream "IM ENDING IT NOW!"

You'd die for her smile, you'd live just to see it.
but you feeling like shes screaming at you just to beat it.
"You're wasting her time and she don't give a care."
Now you pack up your bags hit the road and just dare
to defy al the laws that kept you inside your box
now your reving your engen and blasting the shocks.

Drive through the night, through the day, and again.
Now you're at her front porch and it's all going to end
you force her to write all the names of her rivals
then you scower the earth trying to gag them with bibles
or shoot them or drown them or blowing them up
'till your commiting mass murder you dont give a ********

They tear at your cloths as they beg for their life.
But you grind them to pieces for ******** your wife.
Well maybe you and her never really got married
but either way all these ******** bastards get burried.

Now you take out your gun and you shoot up a block,
now the pigs are coming and taking their shot.
BAM! Now your dead! You dumb lucky ********!
Don't worry about your girl she's living it up!

What did you think you dumb lucky fool?
Don't you think that there's more than one man at her school?
Well there was and you know what him and here are just happy
They're getting married in a week but now it's just empty,
she went to your funeral and bauled out her eyes.
Now you're even more helpless as you watch from the skies.

And Now you wake up, bout time mother ********!
That dream was so long it feels like next summer!
Get back on that damn laptop and type her again.
Just tell her you love her and mention nothin'!

Just cry with tears of joy that it was all just a dream!

But reality sets in...

... faster than it seems.

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