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The Journy continues...
Carless (A crappy poem)
I know nobody's going to read this.

Nobody gives two shits about what I say.

I can say ANYTHING and nobody will hear it! Do you think that anyone will give a s**t to take a look into some poor saps' jounal?
Shah! I doubt anyones that ******** UP.

Its just so annoying how everyones toying around
sayin' it loud.
Doesn't matter what it is
never a hug or a kiss
The harshness embraced and the calm dissapates

Its incredible how someone can feel so mad
but then be treated so badly
Im ripping and tearing trying to get people staring.
Oh yeah they're staring alright
because you gave them a frightening
look or some s**t that makes them just b***h you out untill you just shout.

But nobody gives a ******** everyones happy.
Say one negitive thing and you better get packing
Its so agrovating
when two kids are dating
"Oh the two are so cute"
untill the s**t hits the roof
now their arguing over tedious things
about ******** rings
or somebody's teams!

But nobody gives a s**t about the guy in the dark
when he reaches out his hand everyone just barks at him
and tells him to get back into his corner and die
and expect him never to even ask why.

Its so ******** frustrating that nobody cares
and when you see her pass on it always just wares at you
and remindes you how you could never grab her attention
when she's dating guys who are getting detention

Its so saddening
when your getting nothing
When the stomach of the world just vomits you up
until you hold up that finger and dont give a ********

But even when you lose the little you had
its never alright to complain or just nag
because "Its to negitive" and simply annoying
just makes you want to go through town just destroying
annyone who dares to try to calm you down
tioll you deck em and make em lose their theoretical crown.

Its so annoying they try to just stop it.
But you'd sooner die then go so unwanted.
"WHO GIVES A s**t?!"
Well no one you b*****d!
Every ignorant moment you just die FASTERR!!

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Fxxx The Odds
Community Member
commentCommented on: Sat Nov 13, 2010 @ 10:22am
I guess I'm nobody right?
Because I read everything you post..... eh...
*hugs* it's okay

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