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Nick Kelleher Profile
User Image Name ;; Nick Kelleher
Age ;; Eighteen
Race ;; Wolf Demon
Hair color and length ;; Greenish-gray, shoulder length and bushy
Eye color ;; Ice blue
Clothes ;; An over-sized light blue shirt, a purple coat with black fur and one sleeve that is light blue. His pants are black and he goes barefoot because of his feet are clawed and would tear the shoes.
Abilities ;; Inhuman strength, speed, and hearing.
Weapons ;; None right now
Hobbies ;; Annoying his older sister Kel, taking walks, naps, stealing, and helping Hannah
Background ;; Nick was born and raised in the Lower District of Evevolon. He had a peaceful life up until he meet a little girl with short lavender colored hair and bright blue eyes. He found out that she was five years older than himself. Nick didn't know why the girl was all by herself and she wasn't talking about it either. Nick brought the girl home and his parents adopted her. Making the girl Nick's older sister and the only human in his family. As they grew older Nick got stronger and faster and his sister got greedier. Nick got over protective of her and soon enough was like her body guard. When Nick turned fourteen his world turned upside down. The City Guard was looking for someone down in the Lower District of Evevolon. Nick and his sister were cleaning the dishes after eating supper and their parents were in the den talking when the sound of the front door opening quietly caught Nick's attention. His parents were to busy yapping too hear the noise, but his increased hearing caught the noise. Nick made his way to the front door and saw a young girl with long red hair looking through the window like a sneak. Guards were passing by shouting orders or something. Nick gained the girls attention by shouting and grabbing her by the arm. It was then, when he saw her eyes that Nick knew something was up with the girl. Her eyes were glowing and were orange. Even though Nick wasn't human he knew that wasn't normal. After Nick's parents and sister had shown up the girl reveled herself too be Hannah. A common thief who had done nothing but take a small key that had been her Masters' previously. Hannah wouldn't say what happened to her Master, but Nick and sister got the sense that it wasn't something they could question right away.
Later that night Hannah persuaded Nick and his sister too joins her in making or rebuilding the once great Thieves guild. Nick's sister agreed to help Hannah and so Nick felt he had no choice but to accompany his greedy sister. It wasn't long before he found himself growing fond of Hannah. Too the point where the two were best friends. Four years of spending time with the thief and the infamous Thieves guild was brought back to life by the three of them. Nick found out Hannah’s true reason for want the guild to be brought back to life. She wanted to teach the royal family a lesson by stealing the “Gems of Legends” so far all she had was a Key that could unlock any lock and turn into a rod version of the Key itself. It wasn’t long before the three friends had gotten hold of the first gem. At some point they did have some followers, but they either quit or were caught doing petty crimes. Now a days it is just Hannah and Nick doing the stealing. They keep an eye out for any person who might join their little cause.

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