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xxxтєℓℓ α тαℓє ゚ 。 ゚ 。

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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxHyuga, Satoxxx

uℓтιмαтє ρяσтєcтσя [ ☯ ]

`·.(`·.¸ ¸.·´).·´Oғғ тʜє Rєcσʀ∂

        Those who I protect

        Suzuki no Oto

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        Another year gone by


        Isn't it obivous


        Take a look at me

        Sato is around 5'4" and wieghs about 108 lbs. Her build is a little more musculer than her friend. She watches what she eats and always tries to find the time to exercise. Her eye color is the normal white or lavender if you perfer, for her clan. She was born into teh Hyuga branch clan. Under the bandages around her forehead is the Juin Jutsu or the Hyuga Branch Famliy seal. So of course she doesn't like her Main Famliy memebers that much because of it. When she walks into the room however one might feel a little intimidated by her self-confident personality. She isn't one to back down from a fight in other words.

        Unlike her Silent partner the only curse mark she bears is the one on her forehead. Her clothes consist of a tan jacket and pair of shorts. Under her jacket is a wrapping of bandages that can be seen on her upper right arm. The bandages extend from her shoulders down to her thighs and can be seen on her left leg. Over her tan shorts is a dark navy blue skirt that bears the metal part of her head band. Unlike Suzuki, Sato's headband bears the mark of Konoha. Her hair goes as far as her lower back and is kept in a low ponytail by a black hair band.

        Running through my veins

        Type AB

`·.(`·.¸ ¸.·´).·´Ⱦʜȫȕяɡʜ ʈʜә Ƚσσɮɩȵɡ Ѡʟɑɛɛ

        A story to tell

        Not unlike her friend, Suzuki, Sato also had a happy (for the most part) childhood. She was just like any other kid that was born into the Hyuga Branch Clan. Happy yet with a purporse already. Her purpose was clear the moment she was born. Sato was to help protect her clan even at the cost of her life. The same fate as her parents and cousins. She was the top of her class in the Academy. When Sato turned seven years old she was presented with the gift of being an older sibling. She had gotten a little brother, who was named. His name meant "Peaceful" but he was far from it. Though her brother annoyed her Sato loved him very much.

        Two years later, at the age of nine, she was given yet another present. Sadly she didn't love this one very much. It was the seal on her forehead. The one thing she was truly afraid of. The Main Branch could kill her at any time and any place. Though she dispises her very clan she can't help but play along and be polite and do what she told. For the safty of her younger brother as well.
        One year later Sato begins her journey as a genin of the Hidden Leaf Village. For the next six years Sato would progress rapidly through the ninja ranks.

        Being in the Hidden Leaf Village she of course heard of Naruto and the other Rookies. She even talked to her cousin's after their chunin exams about Naruto. She had been surprised to see Neji get beaten by the blonde. She even saw a change in her cousin Neji, even Hinata seemed a little more self-confident. It was strange to Sato to see her cousins' so diferent just after meeting some normal guy. Of course because of knowing her cousins and watching Neji in the 3rd round of the Chunin Exam she also knew of the attack on the village Lead by Orochimaru. Well how could she not? She was in the ANBU after all.

        During the attack on the village Sato was one of the ANBU helping to protect those in the arena. She couldn't do much for the Hokage, being trapped within a barrior and all, but she could at least help Kakashi-senpai and Might Gai along with every other Leaf ninja in the village.

        After the fight...Sato attended Lord Third Hokage's funeral. And like Sasuke Uchiha, she to wanted revenge, but not on Itachi. On Orochimaru for killing the Hokage. Sato didn't stick around long after the funeral. She grabbed her normal clothes, not her ANBU uniform, and left the village with the intent to kill on her mind.

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