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xxxɌəɱəɱəɓəг ϻə ゚ 。 ゚ 。

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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxSuzuki no Oto xxx

uℓтιмαтє sαcяιƒιcє [ ♥ ]

`·.(`·.¸ ¸.·´).·´
Oғғ тʜє Rєcσʀ∂

        My precious Comrade

        Hyuuga, Sato

        I wish time would stop


        Heads will roll if you call me the opposite


        Seven years bad luck

        Suzuki stands at about 5'6" and weighs about 105 lbs. She has a slender build and pale skin. She can eat much as she ways yet stays the same weight through exercising a lot. Her eyes are an unusuall shade of orange. Though the color of her eyes might be warm, in reality, her eyes are about as cold as her heart. She has an air of msytery about her. Always looking for a different answer than the obivous. Eyes never looking directly at another. Silent like Guard Tower.
        She also has the curse mark of Hell on her left shoulder. It was put there by none other than Orochimaru. Who has her undivided attention. None who lives knows the reason that Orochimaru picked Suzuki for the curse mark. Whatever the reason she has an unending hatered for the pale Sannin. The mark is normally hidden by her black scarf that's wrapped around her neck. She usually dresses in a black scarf around her neck and waist. A black tube top covers her chest and a purple and black skirt covers a pair of black shorts. Suzuki has purple, fingerless gloves hidden by purple arm warmers that stop an inch past her fingers. Black knee boots keep her feet from being torn by the road. Lastly the only thing that says she was a part of a village is the black ninja headband on her upper left arm. The metal plate with the Sound Ninja Village symbol is slashed. The mark of a missing-ninja.

        When her curse mark is activated in the first stage black marks that remind her of lighting bolts spread from her shoulder too her entire left half. The only mark that's different is the swirl under her left eye. In this state Suzuki's power is granted a power boost. Her speed, aglity, and power increases dramacticly.
        During the second stage the curse mark engulfs her entire body, turning her normal pale skin a dull brown color. Her hair goes from the normal crimson red too a dark purple. Her nails change to claws and she gains a long, slender, dark purple tail and fluffy cat ears replacing her normal human ones. Those who let her appearence fool them end up shreaded to ribbons. If the first stage was raw power then the second stage is far worse.

        Running through my veins

        Type B

`·.(`·.¸ ¸.·´).·´Ⱦʜȫȕяɡʜ ʈʜә Ƚσσɮɩȵɡ Ѡʟɑɛɛ

        Fading Memories

        As a child this red head was like any other child. Energetic, happy, carefree and pure hearted. Her hair was always kept short since she wasn't the one who cared much for looks. Suzuki was born in the Hidden Grass Village with her older sister, Shigure. Suzuki could never remember her parents. She did remember Shigure saying something about going away on a mission when she was really little. Suzuki of course was to little to understand what that meant. She would stay up at night sometimes looking out her window which had a good veiw of the entrance to the Hidden Grass Village.

        By the age of eight Suzuki was enrolled into the Ninja Academy. She soon became the number one rookie of her age group within one year. After graudating at the age of nine she became a genin and did everthing from helping Old ladies across the street to finding lost pets. She wasn't placed on a team of three genin and one jounin like the others since she was so young. Or that's what she thought. Shigure had spoken to the kage of their village and had begged to not let Suzuki on a team or out of the village on a mission. The reason wasn't very clear at first. It was this;

        "...The reason is simple. Our mother and father were taken by that snake Orochimaru. You know that. I don't care for myself, but if she was to be taken by that man I don't know what I would do. Suzuki is safer within our villages walls than out there where she could easliy fall ill." Shigure said. This long red-haired woman with bright orange eyes was dressed in a black sleeve-less, high collar shirt with matching pants and sandals. her head band was around her upper left arm. The Lord of the Grass Village spoke. "I know full well of Suzuki's condtion but sooner or later your sister will find out the truth about your parnets and may seek revenge..." He said. Shigure looked at her feet with obvious discouragment. "But..." Lord Kage's voice caused Shigure's orange gaze to look up again. "Since Suzuki is one of Orochimaru's more obvious targets, for whatever reason, I will take precations to keep Suzuki within our walls."

        That was the reason. Suzuki's illness, that has been negleted to be mentioned, and the fact that she is a target of Orochimaru has kept her within the walls of the Hidden Grass Village. Suzuki lived peacfully with Shigure and the few friends she made. Doing errands for the Kage of the village and oddball missions. Of course she had that feeling that her sister was keeping something from her. And the very day that Suzuki turned thirteen it was all made clear.

        On Suzuki's thirteenth birthday she had had enough of not knowing why she wasn't allowed out of the village.

        It was late at night, around 1 am, and Suzuki wasn't going to sleep anytime soon. She had had yet another boring day of errands and didn't want to have a repeat on her birthday. So she had planned that when Shigure went to sleep Suzuki would sneak out and head for the meadow just outside the village. 'I won't go far...I promise Shigure.' She had thought before sliping out the window. It was fairly easy for her to slip out of the village undetected. Why? Oh some of the guards must of have been asleep(drunk) from a night out on the town. Suzuki ignored the sleeping(out cold drunk) guards and walked to the meadow just outside the village. It was nothing special, but Suzuki had never been in a meadow before and it was quite a sight to her. She wondered what else there was beyond that meadow. Like in the fairytales.

        What happened next made Suzuki back away in fear. She was looking around herself when a man appeared. A man with pale skin, yellow eyes and long black hair. A snake was coilling around him. Suzuki wanted nothing more than to wake up from this nightmare and find herself being awoken by her beloved sister. In a flash the snake lunged at Suzuki. In her orange gaze she saw a flash of silver and heard a thud. The sanke fell dead to the ground with a kunai stuck in its head. Suzuki blinked and looked at her sister's back. "Suzuki go back to the village! Warn Lord Kage." Shigure said, but before Suzuki could make a move a chukle was heard by the snake man.

        "How preicous a sister protecting her younger sister." In Suzuki's eyes the man did a blur of hand signs and the world around her went dark. The last thing she heard was someone screaming. When she awoke, a few days later, Suzuki found herself in a bed in one of the many bases of Orochimaru. She can't rememeber what happened that night. Not at all and her memories are fading with each passing day. It doesn't help that she doesn't want to remember anyways.

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