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Tales of Fantasy Christmas Sepcial
A little blonde haired girl, who’s name was Princess Honey, sat comfortably in front of a fire that was blazing in the hearth. Her emerald green eyes glanced from the hot chocolate that was in her little hands to a older boy that was sitting in a comfy looking chair to her left. It was her older brother. Honey’s brother was named Roy, the Prince. Their mother, a very beautiful woman with long flowing green and hair and bright golden eyes was sitting on the other side of Prince Roy. Honey’s and Roy’s mother, The Queen, was named Ellen. She was an elf of course, it would explain why her ears were pointy. “Momma Santa comes tonight right?” Honey asked looking from her mother to her brother. Roy chuckled and nodded. “That’s right Honey. But He’ll only come if you’ve been a good girl this year.” Queen Ellen said while standing up. Honey finished the last her hot chocolate and gave the empty green mug to her brother. “Time for bed now.” Ellen said to Honey and walked the little girl off to her bedroom.

Roy walked out of the room and watched his mother and little sister disappear down the stone hallway of their castle. He smiled slightly before handing the mug to a maid who had walked up to him. Roy walked over to a door down the hallway to his left and opened a wooden door that lead to a balcony on the fifth floor of the castle. Three people were standing out there in the cold. Roy’s leather boots crunched on the snow. The three people were dressed in Christmas costumes.
One woman, the long brown haired one with bright blue eyes, had on a silk green dress that somewhat resembled a fairy’s outfit. She even had her light blue angel wings out and a little wand in her hands. This was Lady Helen of the Angels. Or More commonly known as “Captain of the Royal Guards”. “Oh Prince Roy! I love the outfit! Don’t I look cute?!” The overly hyper woman asked practically bouncing off the walls.
To Helen’s left was a man with short back hair and bright red eyes. He was dressed in a Santa get up. Stuffed with a pillow and everything. His name was Lord Vetus, The young Prince of Vampires. He looked a little les enthusiastic about what was about to happen. “C-can we please go back inside now? It’s freezing out here.” He complained.
And to Helen’s left was an extremely ticked off looking red head. She was wearing a green and red elf costume and didn’t look at all happy about it. This was Kira the thief. She had short red hair and fire orange eyes. “I want to know WHY I AM T HE ELF!?” She nearly yelled. Kira was a fallen angel with a notoriously short temper.
Helen giggled and patted Kira on the head. “Because you’re shorter than everyone else!” The brown haired Angel had just pushed Kira’s buttons big time. Roy and Vetus held the little red head back from killing the angel woman. “Be quite! Honey’s asleep now! The quicker we get this done with the quicker you can get out of the outfit.” Vetus said and let Kira go. “Fine.” Kira said picking up a brown bag with presents for everyone in it. Vetus took the bag from Kira while Roy looked at Helen. “What’s with the fairy wand?” He asked a little confused. “It completes the outfit my Prince.” Helen said and skipped off after Vetus. Kira muttered something and pulled the still a little confused Roy back to the Den where the Christmas Tree was.

Helen and Vetus set out the presents and Roy kept an eye on Kira as she munched on the cookies that Honey had left out for Santa Claus. No one was watching the door though. “Ah hey Kira even you have a present!” Helen said putting a red box with a gold ribbon under the tree. Kira almost choked on her cookie. “W-who says I cared for this holiday!?” A flustered Kira said looking a little annoyed with a pink blush on her face. Roy laughed at Kira’s embarrassment. “I-It was you wasn’t it!? Y-You got me the stupid present!” Kira pointed a blaming finger at Vetus who couldn’t help but laugh. “St-stop laughing!” Kira said and reached up Vetus’s hat. She pulled it down over his eyes while Vetus tried to pull it back up.
Everyone failed to see that Honey was standing in the door way, half asleep and hugging a teddy bear. “Big brother? Why is the elf messing with Santa’s hat?” The three people pretending to be Santa and his two helpers froze in mid movement. All thinking one thing ‘CAUGHT!’ Roy quickly pushed his sister out of the Den. “It was leaning to one side! Now go back to bed!” Roy answered rushing his sister back to her bedroom while the “elf’s” voice could be heard and “Santa” could be heard hitting the ground. In the Den Helen was busy holding Kira back from murdering the present buying vampire. Roy sighed a little and tucked Honey back into bed. “Merry Christmas Honey.”

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