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Monster Hunter/Randomness
The sadness and sorrow of Plesioth
It was a rainy afternoon you woke up to as look walk over to your window. "Hmm....its always raining here....I wonder if it means anything...." you say to yourself as you put on your armor and grab your weapon. *knock knock knock* "Must be Watari" you say as you walk towards your door. *thud thud thud thud* You begin to get worried so you hurry to your front door and open it. It was one of the local guards that watch over the town. "Are you watari's partner ___?" "Yes I am. Is something wrong with Watari?" you asked trying to hold back your fear. You knew how Watari gets in trouble sometimes and feared the worst for your partner. The guard looked at you with a sad expression from the fear he saw you trying to hide "Watari has left the town in search of a Plesioth that has recently been attacking anything that comes near its home." You lost all yur color at that moment. "And because he is doing this....we will try anything and everything we can to stop Watari. He can not be allowed to slay that Plesioth....I'm sorry that i had to tell you this, ___." You just stood there in shock. Watari had never gone after a monster by himself, he was always to clutsy and too goofy. What had caused him to become so serious all of a sudden?


(Both you and Watari are behind the local cow farm. Both of you are about 10)
"Watari you're going to get in trouble if you do this." you said as you watched watari put spice from an illegal spice-plant into one of the cows' feedbags. "Awwww you worry too much.....just watch this'll be funny!" He grabbed you and pulled you over to a hiding spot wile he hid on top of a tree branch. A few minutes later a cow went over and ate out of the feedbag. "......" "....wait for it....." watari said silently. *GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!* The cow become agitated and burst out of the barn and knocked down part of the fence. "Uh-oh.....that wasn't supposed to happen" watari said as he jumped down. "YOU!" yelled out the cow farmer. "You did this! Thats it....I'm having the guards watch your every move. Maybe then you'll learn some respect!" "Sorry sir" watari said as the farmer hurried inside and called the local guards. "__,now's your chance. Get out of here now. I don't want you to get in trouble for this too." Hearing him say that, you left your hiding spot and ran home.

----------------------------------------2nd FLASHBACK-----------------------------------

(Now you and Watari are the same age as in the present story, which is about 20 or so)
*thud ka-boom thwack smack thud boom* You and Watari sat down as the sleeping Yian Kut-ku lay sleeping. "That....was.....one.....fast.....wyvern!" you say as you're huffing and puffing. "Yeah....you....should.....be....more.....careful......though" Watari said as he got up. "It nearly spat three fire blasts at your head!" he said seriously. "Watari whats gotten into you? You're never this serious...." you said as you got up. "Well things have changed, I can't afford to goof around with things this bad...." he said as he called the Monster Mover Crew.

--------------------------------------END OF FLASHBACKS----------------------------

As you just stood there in shock the guard put a hand on your shoulder. "The other guards will be gearing up soon to stop him....if I where you, I would hurry out there and stop Watari." With that being said, the guard turned and left. 'Watari.....what are you thinking?....what will fighting that thing do?Why are you acting this way?' All these thoughts raced through your mind. "Okay.....I've got to get to him no matter what!" you said as you grabbed the rest of your equipment and left.

------------------------------------The Guards' House----------------------------------

"..............................................." 'Have they left already?' you thought to yourself as you passed by the guards' house. 'All the guards meet there so it shouldn't be this quiet...' you continued thinking. "I'm taking down Watari!" you hearn one guard say. "No I am taking him down." another said. "You all are idiots. I'M taking that little punk down!" you heard the captain of the guards say. "......great...." you said as you started running in the direction of where the Plesioth should be.

----------------------------------12 A.M. Midnight---------------------------------------

"I've been going through this place for hours.....how did Watari get through this forest so fast?" you said. "Grr.....Grrrrrr......GRRRRRRRRR!" the growls were getting louder and closer. 'What in the world could that be?' you thought as you drew out your katana. *tch-tch-tch-tch-tch-tch!* Something was coming at you, but from where? *thud* "ACK!" you cry out as you fall backwards. As you slowly get up, you see that it was a Gendrome that attacked you. 'If that Gendrome just attacked me....there should be a pack of genprey coming as well...I better make this fast' you thought as you charged at the Gendrome and sliced at it. "Rah! Rah! Grrrraaaah!" The gendrome cried out and its pack came rushing in at you. ".........." "GrGrGrGrGrGr Raaaah GrGrGrGr" was all you could hear the pack cry out. *Hack Slice Slash Foom!* you kept fighting them off, but you were starting to get tired. ".....*huff*...*huff*..." "Rahh!" you heard something cry from behind you and you were bitten. After that everything went black and all you heard were the *tch-tch-tch* footsteps of the grendrome and genprey going away.


"Ahhh....my head...." you said as you got up and continued to find Watari. 'What got into those genprey....they never did that before....' you thought. *pshff* you heard a waterfall. "I must be close to finding Watari after all" you said as you went over to the waterfall. *Tssssk* "And you're just as dead" you heard the guard captain say as he pushed you off the waterfall.


You woke up at the bottom of the waterfall. "How....am I alive?" you asked youself as you got up. You felt something underneath you so you looked and saw a crushed grendrome. 'Oh....that explains it' you thought as you climbed around the base of a huge tree and saw a cave.

---------------------------the cave---------------------------------

"I know the Plesioth likes water and frogs but did it have to go in a cave's lake to live?" you said out loud. "Yes....it does" you heard someone say. *Crash Boom Thud* you heard something being shot into the air and the sound of shots being fired. You continued forward to find some light and saw Watari fighting off the guards. "Watari!" you shouted getting his attention from the fight. "Oof!" he cried out as one of the guard knocked him down. "You know this Plesioth is sacred and attacking it is just enough to put you in jail for life!" the guard said as you jumped down and protected Watari. "I thought you were dead..." said the guard captain with a smirk. "Yeah well you didn't check the bottom very well." You said drawing out your two katanas. "Its funny....I never use this second katana because it is like a family treasure to me..." you said "but losing my friend..." the guards start pulling out swords and charging at you. "is far worse then anything you could ever do!"

-------------------------Watari's Point of View--------------------------

"___ get out of here. I don't want you to walk the same path that I am on!" he said to you as he watched you slice a guard in the gut. "............" he continued to watch you as you remained silent and swiftly got another guard. "I mean it ___ don't do this! You have a life! I practically don't!" he said trying to get up. You were now surrounded by all the guards and the captain was walking over to Watari with a tazer and a smirk on his face. "Come here you little punk!" the captain said as he held the tazer. "I'm going to nearly zap you to death, and then I'm gona throw you in jail as my boys kill your little friend over there!" the captain said as he made his way over to watari. *zap zap zap* "Ack!" Watari cried out as each zap became more painful.

------------------------Back to Your Point of View---------------------

"Watari get up!" you said getting distracted by the sounds of watari's cries and the shocks of the tazer. *Thwack* You were knocked down and one of your katana's flew into the water. "..........................................Gr..........*bubble*............................" you heard something make a sound as you knocked a guard off you and continued fighting off the others. "Muahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha!" you heard the captain laugh menaicly as he nearly zapped watari out of conciousness. "Grrrrrrruuufffffffuuuu!" you heard something cry out as all the guards rushed at you at once,knocking you down and holding you down. "Let me go!" you cried out as you tried to get up but it was no use. You looked over at watari as he was on the ground still, looking straight back at you. Then it all made sense. You knew why Watari had come here.

-------------------------Watari's Point of View--------------------------------

'So ___ figured out why I came here eh?' he thought as he got zapped again. "Owch!" you said as you felt a guard flip you over and put something in you back. "__!" Watari cried out as tried to get up,but was only knocked down by the captain. "Captain....you were the one who was going to try and kill the Plesoth in the first place....am I correct?" watari said huffing between words. "Yeah, we knew you were sneaking around our baise so we let you hear our plan and as soon as you went to leave for this place we told __ to go after you and that YOU were going to kill it." the captain said grinning. "Yeah, but why did you want __ here? __ doesn't need to go through this!" watari argued back. "Oh, ___'s just a cover-up so that when we kill it, we can say you two both tried to and succeeded but we accidently shocked you to death from all the water being on you two." the captain continued.

------------------------Back to Your Point of View------------------------------

'Can't take much more of this.....Watari can't last much longer either...and what did the guards place in my back? it hurts so much.......' you thought as eveything started going blurry. "Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaoooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrr!!!!!" you heard and saw all the guards, even the captain, get pulled into the water and eaten by something. You couldn't tell though. Everthing was going blurry, and now you slipped into darkness as you uttered "Watari....run...."

-------------------------Watari's Point of View------------------------

'__'s not moving and that must be the Plesioth that got the guards....are we next? is this the end?' watari thought as he looked over at you. "HMMMMMMMMM................*swish*" watari heard the Plesioth move and it had grabbed both of you and place you both on its back. "Plesioth...you know we saved you...don't you?" he asked as the Plesioth walked out of the cave and started taking you both to town. "Thank you Plesioth...." watari said as he fell unconcious.

----------------------The Hospital-----------------------------------

"AGH!!!" watari yelled out as he woke up in shock. "Where am I?" he said out loud as a person walked in the room. "You and your friend were brought here by the sacred Plesioth." the person said. "__?__!! Is __ ok?!" watari asked anxiously. "....................." "No.....don't tell me....__'s....?" "Hm? No __ just went into a coma and hasn't woken up yet." the person said calmly. "What?!" "Its about time you go to sleep now....I'm sure __ will be fine." the person said as they walked out.

-----------------------A Few Months Later-----------------------------
"___...wake up......please.....just wake up......its been four months now....wake up.....PLEASE!" watari just sat there.....by ___'s side hoping __ would wake up. *Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep* went the little machine watching __'s heart rate and watari sat there in shock. "___!!!!!!" he cried out as he burst into tears. ___ died that day.....protecting their friend with everything they had.


Watari went to __'s funeral of which only he and the Plesioth went to. No one really knew __ except for those two. All watari could say at ___'s funeral was "It should have been me...." Watari stopped fighting monsters and went on to become the cow farmer's apprentice. He couldn't take the pain of not seeing his closest friend anymore and died only 8 months after __ died.

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"In the name of God, impure souls of the living dead shall be banished into eternal damnation. Amen."

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