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Monster Hunter/Randomness
Rathian Madness
"YAWWWWWWWWWN" you yawn as you wake up. "....Yep its night time....time to complete my mission" you say to yourself. "Steal a rathian egg from its nest eh...I can handle that" you think to yourself. As you put on your all black-stealth suit and armor you look out at the sky to see a full moon. "Ahhh what a night" you think to youself. You grab your iron lance and shield. "Gotta have some protection" you say to yourself. You grab your mission papers and head out the door. "Ahhhh freash air!" you say out loud.

------leaving toward the mission------

"Hmmmmmm looks like I have to go to the Swamp region" you think to yourself. "Alright...I can do this all by myself" you continue to think by yourself. You come up to the gait and hand the guards your mission papers. "your going alone on a mission with a rathian?" one of the guards says. "Yeah..." you answer back. "You're one brave kid! Hahaha!" the other guard says.

---------------going after the egg-------------------

"Alright I might as well not even bother going to base camp....this shouldn't take long" you think out loud. All the way to the nest there was no sight of the rathian. It was very strange but it didn't bother you. You finally made it to the nest and took an egg. "GRRRRRRRRRR" you heard.You quickly grabbed the heavy egg and started running toward the exit. "Uh-oh..." you thought to yourself. The rathian was landing in the nest and she knew you took her egg! "ROOOOOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she screeched. You dashed as fast as you could out of there. You knew that if you didn't hurry,she would find you for sure.

---------heading back--------

You had to go back down the hills with the egg,which was getting really heavy since it is such a large egg! "Woooo, Crap I'm getting tired" You said out loud. Just then you heard a noise. You felt something's presence. "GRR GRRRR GAAAAH GRRRR!!!" you heard many things growling all around you. You set off a flair and saw it was a pack of velociprey. They were after your egg! "RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!" you cried out as you attacked all of them at once. They were scared of you instantly and ran off in the direction where the rathian was. "Hmmmm I better go while I have the chance...after all this is still rathian/velociprey territory" you thought to yourself.

--------running at the speed of ninja pancakes------

*huff huff puff huff* You have been carrying the egg for a while now. The sun was going to rise soon. "Hmmmmm still no sign of the Rathian or any other monster for that matter...." you think to yourself. Something's very wrong....You can feel it. You just know somehow something isn't right, you just can't pinpoint what it is. "Think ___,think" you say to yourself. "I guess it's nothing....I'll just keep going. I should be out of here within a few minutes." you say out loud. An hour goes by and you start to get really worried. "Didn't I already see all this?" you think to yourself. You begin to ponder why you aren't out of the Swamp yet,when you hear a cracking sound. You put the egg down behind a log and take out your shield and lance. Slowly and nervously you walk over toward where you thought the sound was coming from. "HYAAAAAA!!!" you yell out and lash out at nothing. "Must've been my imagination you say as you put your shield and lance away.

-------------------the hermit----------------------

You pull out your map to see where you are. "......looks like there's a hermit that lives in that small cave....I'll stop in and ask for directions." you think to yourself.
"Hello monster hunter" the hermit says as you enter his cave. "What might you have business with here?" he asks as he checks his herbs. "I'm lost and need to know how to get out of here. Can you tell me how to exit?" you ask politely. "Ahhh, I see....you must not be one of the locals here. Just go back through my cave and go straight through the field and make a right when you see a pack of bullfango." he says. "Ok thanks." you say as you step outside the cave. "Be warned monster hunter....the bullfango and Rathian can smell that egg and don't take kindly to those carrying it." he warns.

-----She's big,she's bad and boy, she's mad------

You make it all the way to the field with no problems what-so-ever. Howeve one thing did bother you, the hermit said the rathian and bullfango can SMELL the egg and don't like the smell. Why hadn't the rathian come to get it's egg back? It was bothering you knowing something was up. *Wooooosh* *Flap flap flap* You here the wingbeats from a flying wyvern. "Oh no...." you say out loud as you look behind you. The rathian had found you,but hadn't seen you. She had only smelled the egg. You run at full speed out of the field and fall right into an ambush of bullfango. "Oh CRAP!" you yell all too loud and the rathian hears you. "ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAWR!!!" she bellows as she begins to charge at you. "Grrrrrr!!!" you hear the bullfango growling at you as they all prepare to charge toward you. "This is not my lucky day" you think as you look back at both monsters. There has to be a way out...you look at the rathian as she slowly comes at you. You look at the bullfango pack,sticking their tusks up and charging at you. "If I sprint....I might make it..." you think as you run towards the bullfango. "HERE I COME!" you shout as you run towards the pack and dodge every single bullfango that came at you. The rathian was cloase behind and crashed right into the pack. You take advantage of the situation and get such an adreniline rush,you end up running all the way to the town's gait!

--------mission cleared?---------

You couldn't radio in the chief to get you and the egg at the gait,so you took the egg to his mission room. "Looks like you owe me 10 bucks" said the second guard to the first guard as he saw you walk in. "Yeah yeah yeah...I'll pay you later" the first guard said as he and the second guard opened the door to let you in the chief's room. You ran into the chief's place and gave him the egg from your mission. "Well done ___. Doing a mission on your own can get tricky can't it?" chief said as he congratulated you on a job well done. "Thank you si-" you started to say but the egg you had started hatching! "Oh my, what's this now?" chief said. "RAWR!" said a little baby rathian. "Well I'll be...I guess you'll have to get another egg while we send this little guy home! Haha!"the chief laughed as you sat in a seat. You held the baby rathian close and fell asleep holding it. Years later, you went to give your rathian friend some meet and she let you ride on her back as a favor for not sending her away from her family or putting her to sleep. You had grown close to this rathian and she had grown close to you. She never let any other human near her but you,and everyone knew....that was your rathian.

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"In the name of God, impure souls of the living dead shall be banished into eternal damnation. Amen."

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