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Monster Hunter/Randomness
Enter The Ratholos
"It's another morning" you think to yourself as you get out of bed and look out your window. "___! We're gonna be late for our mission! hurry up!" your partner Fang called out to you. "Alright! I'm coming!" you shout as you put on your armor and grab your sword. "FINALLY! what took you so long?!" Fang said as he handed you the mission briefings. "It's not my fault that I can't wake up whenever I feel that the time is right" you snap back as you read through the mission. "Hmmmm...looks like we're heading toward the Hills and Valleys area" you tell Fang as you keep reading and heading toward the town gate. "Yup, we haven't had a mission there in ages huh ___?" Fang says. "Yeah...I just hope this mission turns out better then it did the first time..." you say as you have a flashback of getting ambushed by a giant ratholos.

---------flash back----------
"___!!! WATCH OUT!!!"Fang screams. "Wha-" Fooom! You got hit in the back with a fireball. "___! Are you ok?!" Fang says as he runs and gets ready to fight the giant,angry,red scaled ratholos. "Ughh....that wasn't fun..." you say as you get back on your feet. You try to get prepared when you hear Fang call out "RUN ___! It's charging straight at you!" Without looking back,you run faster then you've ever ran before. Steadily the angry 2 legged wyvern slowly catches up to you and you get hit straight in the back and get knocked into a pile of rocks. "___,where are you?! I need some help over here!" Fang cries out as the ratholos begins fighting him. You can't move you realize. That hit from the ratholos knocked you to hard into the rocks! As you slowly manage to get out and run to help Fang, you see that he's got hit pretty bad and is getting tired. The ratholos didn't see you and started to charge at Fang. "Fang look out!" you shout,taking Fang's attention away from the ratholos. "___! You're ok!!!" he exclaims. "Fang RUN!!!" you shout as you prepare to fight the ratholos. "HEY RATHOLOS!! YOU WANT A PIECE OF ME?!" you shout at the ratholos, immediately getting it's attention. Getting extremely angry,the ratholos flies up in the air,hovers,and shoots firballs at you. "___! I'll go for its tail when it goes to land! you keep its attention!" There was no time to argue so you kept dodging and angering the ratholos until it came down. Fang snuck up behind it and went for the ratholos's tail,but the ratholos knew Fang was behind it. "ROOOOOOOOAR!!!!!!!" ratholos gave an angry roar and knocked out Fang with it's mighty tail. "FANG!!!" you scream,accidently getting the ratholos's attention again. "Uh-oh...O_O" you say running in a small,secret cave the ratholos couldn't fit into. It managed to fit its head in and tried to shoot you with a fireball,but you hit it's eye with you sword,leaving a scar. Realizing it couldn't reach you, ratholos flew off back to its nest. "WHEW! you sigh as you sit back for a minute. "OH NO! FANG!" you realize he's still out cold from getting hit by the ratholos so you climb out of the cave and rush over to Fang. "Fang! Wake up! C'mon dude! Get up! That thing could come back any moment!" you say trying to get Fang up. "Ughh...let's call it quits" Fang says getting up. "Alright..."

------end of flashback-------

"___?___? Hello? Anybody in there? Heeeellloooo?" Fang says trying to get your attention. "Sorry,I was having a moment...."you say still in dreamland. "Well what are we going after in the mission?" Fang asks excited. You begin to tremble reading the mission task. "__? Are you ok?! You're trembling!" Fang says in shock. "W-W-We h-h-h-have t-to c-c-catch a r-r-ra-ra-" you studder. "We have to catch a what?" Fang asks confused. "We have to catch a RATHOLOS!" you shout. "oh..."Fang says losing his excitement. "We'll do fine, don't worry __." Fang says trying to calm you down. "I hope your right..."you say as you show the guards at the gate your mission breifing papers.

---------later on the path to the base camp-----

"Well the best known part of the area for finding a ratholos is in it's nest, on the cliffs, and near the watering hole." Fang tells you as you set up camp and get all the supplies you need. "Alright...lets set out for the nest since it has to go back to it's nest eventually" you say. "Agreed" Fang nods.

-----------getting to the nest-------

.........."Fang,something doesn't feel right" you say as you begin to become more alert. "Nonsense! __ your just nervous because of what happened the last time. Nothing's gonna hap-OOOF!" "You clutz! You tripped over you own feet! Haha!" you say as you help Fang up. "___ we're not alone here!" "What? Who else could-" you say as you look all around and see that you and Fang are surrounded. "__ what are those blue-scaled, velociraptor-like things?" Fang asks. "This is a pack of Velociprey....and if they are attacking us in a pack, their leader must be here as well." you explain to Fang as you get your sword out. Fang gets his crossbow out and loads in some amo. "Fang see the big,blue-scaled,velociraptor looking thing with the orange crown on its head?" "yeah...why?" Fang asks. "That's their leader." you say. "pssssh he's nothin' we can't handle" Fang says as he takes aim at it. "LOOK OUT!" you say as you knock out a velociprey in 1 swipe. "nice 1 __!" Fang says. "Yeah,yeah just shoot the velocidrome (leader of the veociprey pack)" you command Fang. BANG BANG BANG! The velocidrome sees its no match and runs away with it's pack following close behind. "Nice aim Fang" "Thanks,and thanks for keeping those velociprey off my back haha!" Fang says happily. "Ok now lets continue to the nest" you say as you put your sword away.

-------the nest--------

"woa look at this bloody mess!" Fang exclaims. "shhhhh keep your voice down! if the ratholos is here,we don't want it to spot us." you whisper to Fang. "sorry" he says back. "shhh look!" you point to the sleeping ratholos. "....zzzz....ZZZZ.........zzz" The ratholos is sound asleep. "Good he's asleep! Let's pump him full of tranquilizers and take him home!" Fang says. "Its not that easy. First we have to get him stuck in a pitfall trap,THEN we tranquilizer him. After that we just radio in the chief and have him pick us and this ratholos up" you explain. "Alright I'll put down the trap" Fang says as he grabs the trap tools from you and runs over to the ratholos. "Fang don't make so much noise!" you whisper. "Don't worry so much! I'm not making much-" "yaaaaaaaawn" The ratholos wakes up for a brief moment,looks around sleepily,and yawns.
"......................................................!" Ratholos realizes a strange presence and flies away. "SEE WHAT YOU DID GENIOUS?!" you shout at Fang. "Sorrry! Next time you lay the trap down." Fang says handing you the pitfall trap tools. "Ok it flew off in that direction so lets go to the cliffs area" you say taking the tools and pointing to the 2nd entrance/exit of the nest.

-------the cliffs------

You and Fang step out catiously knowing the ratholos was nearby. "Fang I'm going to lay the trap right here" you say getting the trap tools out. "Alright." Fang agrees. "__?" Fang asks. "What??" you ask getting annoyed from being anxious. "Did you ever get the feeling like your being watched?" Fang asks. "All the time my friend, all the tme" you say. "No I mean like something at this very moment is watching us right now" Fang explains. "Maybe our 'friend' is closer then we think" you say as you finish setting up the trap. "hmmm....__ I don't have a good feeling about this place....maybe we should-__! LOOK BEHIND YOU!!" Fang shouts. "O_O Oh Crap! He's right behind me isn't he?" you ask. "YES! NOW MOVE IT!" Fang says grabbing you and pulling you away from the ratholos. "ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAR!!!!!!!!!!" ratholos shouts angrily. You look back at the ratholos and see something familiar. "FANG LOOK! THAT'S THE SAME RATHOLOS WE FOUGHT BEFORE!" you scream. "ARE YOU SURE?!" Fang says getting frightened. "YES! THAT'S THE SCAR I PUT ON IT 3 YEARS AGO!" you say as you fend off the attacking ratholos. "Why does it always go after you?" Fang asked as he got his crossbow ready. "I don't know! just shoot this thing!" you say as the ratholos corners you. Fang aims and hits the ratholos on it's back. "GRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAA!!!!" the ratholos shouts angrily and charges at Fang. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!" Fang screams as the ratholos hits him and knocks him off the cliff. "FANG!!!!!!!" you yell out getting the ratholos's' attention. "GRRRRRRRRRRR" it growls at you and prepares to charge again. You step right behind the pitfall trap and the ratholos charges right into it! "GAAAAAH!!! GRRRRRR!" Ratholos utters grunts and growls trying to get out as you hit it with 3 strong taquilizers. "Finally....its over" you sigh. "Hey I could use some help over here!" you here Fang say. He was holding onto the cliff! "Haha I thought you fell off knowing how much of a clutz you are" you say as you help him up. "Haha thanks" he says as he radios in the cheif and you guys get picked up.

-----back in town with the chief----

"So chief where'd our little friend get shipped off to?" Fang asked. "He got moved to a reserve not too far from here" the chief said. "A reserve? Why did he get put there?" you asked. "Well he's actually one of the more timid ratholos, so we thought we should save him and give him some medical treatements so he could live a happy life" chief explained. "HE WAS TIMID COMPARED TO OTHER RATHOLOS?!" both you and Fang shouted. "Haha yep." chief said. "Why did he go ballistic and attack us out of nowhere then?" Fang asked. "It was probly because he was in alot of pain from lack of medical treatement Haha. Either way,congratulations on a job well done." chief said. "Thanks chief!" both you and Fang said.

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