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Monster Hunter/Randomness
Diablos Destruction
"How did we get into this situation?" you thought as you got thrown into a wall by a diablos's' tail. "ACK!" you yelled out in pain. "AAAAAAAAAAAAH" Talon yelled out as he got picked up and thrown into the air by the diablos. "OOOOOOOh THIS HURTS!!!! ALOT!!!" Talon said as diablos picked him up with its horns and did it again. "Stop it you big bully!" Melody shouted as she charged at the diablos and starts lashing at its legs. "__? Are you ok?! C'mon don't pass out on us!" Star said as she tried getting you up. "__?__?!__!!! We need your help!" Star shouted at you,but you couldn't move. All you could think was "How did we get into this situation? What's going on? Can someone make the pain go away? It all happened so fast..." You got lost in your thoughts and began to have a flashback as Star ran to try and help Talon.


(earlier that some day...morning)
You felt the sun begin to rise as you were dreaming so you woke up. "God I hate mornings..." you said as you woke up and got all your stuff ready to go for today's mission. "Ok armor on...weapon here....medicines and potions...rations....ok time to get the team!" you said as you left your home. You walked through the town in your white and green armor pretty fast. You were getting used to walking through the town everyday to get the team ready,after all you are always the first one up for some reason. "TALON GET YOUR BUTT OUTTA BED!!!" you yelled at Talon's bedroom window. "Awww just a few more minutes of sleep __." Talon said as he fell back asleep. "Don't make me come up there and set off another smoke bomb!" you said threateningly. "O_O Gee I feel wide awake now! Not tired at all hahahaha!" Talon said. "That's more like it now hurry up!" you shouted back. "Alright,alright I'm all ready to go" Talon said as he jumped out his window. "Time to get Star and melody" you said. "Yeah,yeah, I know the drill." Talon said as you both got to their house. "Hey twins! its time to get up!" you shouted. There was no answer. "Hmmmm maybe I should pay a visit inside" Talon said as he jumped up to the window. "Hey! there's no one here!" he said as he jumped down. "They must have gone to get the mission briefings already" you said. "Knowing them...proplably" Talon said as he jumped back down to the ground. "C'mon let's go see if they went to get the mission papers." you said. "Race ya there" Talon said as he got a head start. "I'm not going to race" you said as you called after him,but he continued running. "Ugh...Morning people" you thought to yourself.

------Mission breifings----------

You finally caught up to Talon and the twins,Melody and Star. "Looks like you were right __. They were getting the mission briefings Haha!" Talon said. "Yep, today's mission was supposed to be S-ranked so we wanted to get an early start" Star said. "Yup, its S-ranked so let's just take this mission easy ok?" Melody added. "Agreed" Talon and Star said. You just nodded your head in agreement. "So what are we goin' after Melody?" you asked. "Well Star and I just got the papers so we don't really know...Let's see..." Melody said as she read through the mission briefings. "It looks like we're going after a diablos!" Star said full of excitement. "Where are we getting this thing at?" Talon asked. "The desert region" you told Talon. "Its the only region they are found...when they are found." you added. "So do we have to catch this thing or get rid of it?" Talon asked. "The mission says we just have to scare it off" Melody said. "Ok team let's head out" you said as you grab the papers and give it to the guards at the desert region gait.

------------desert region scares-----------

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!" Star screamed as she ran behind Talon. "What is it?" you asked Star. "Its a b-b-b-b-b-bug!" she studdered. "Oh...it won't hurt you so long as you leave it alone." you said calming Star down. "We should be getting near camp soon" Melody said as she put away Star's map. "ALRIGHT! Then we can eat right?" Talon asked. "Talon this is an important mission...and a hard one at that....let's just get it over and done with ok?" you say to Talon. "Awww ok....I guess your right" he said sadly. "Look over there! There's the base camp!" Star said. "We just have to cross this bridge" you said. "Everyone go slow and take your time...this bridge is old." you add. "Ok" everyone agreed. You all get about half way across the bridge when you hear something. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! "Wha-What's that?" Star said pointing to the 2 diablos fighting down at the bottom of a gorge. "That would be a diablos" Melody said. "THAT'S A DIABLOS?!" Talon said. "Yeah and by the looks of it...we're going after the one that is chasing off the other diablos. "Greeeat" Talon said.

-----------------base camp---------------------

"ROOOOOOOOOOOOOAR!!!!!!!" you all hear the enrages diablos yell. "Oh man he sounds angry" Talon said. "Yes,but we're not backing out of this" Melody says. You all finally reach camp when you hear "ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAR!!!!!!!" again. "Something really has him enraged" you think to yourself. "Wholy crap! He seems really close by!" Talon says. "That's becasue he is close by" Star said. "He's right down there" Melody said pointing to the diablos. "Speed it up guys, I'm all set to go....QUIT GAWKING AT THE DIABLOS AND MOVE IT!" you said. "Why are you in such a hurry __?" Star asked. "It's because the diablos might leave if we keep standing here gawking at it" you say. "Oooooh that makes sense." star said.

------------Getting to diablos---------------

"ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAR!!!!!" "C'mon guys diablos is just down past this gorge" Melody said. "Woa man....this is gonna be tricky to climb down" Talon said. "Hey where's __?" Star asked. "Down here" you said all the way at the bottom of the gorge. "Its easier to climb then it looks!" you say. "Roooooar!" "It sounds like diablos is starting to move!" Melody said. "I KNOW! THAT'S WHY YOU GUYS HAVE TO MOVE IT!" you say. Talon jumped down and fell as he landed. "Nice one genious" you say as you help Talon up. "Yeah yeah keep laughing it up" Talon said. Star and Melody started laughing so hard at Talon's landing, they fell down. "OWCH!" Star and Melody said. "Hahaha! KARMA!" Talon said helping Star and Melody up.

------------The fight-----------

"Ok guys there's the diablos" you said pointing to the two-horned beast. "Does everyone know what their jobs are?" you ask. "Yep, I help anyone that gets hurt!" Star said. "I get the diablos's attention!" Talon said. "And you and I attack the diablos. right __?" Melody said pointing to you. "Yes, Ok everyone move out" you said. Talon started getting the diablos's attention. "HEY 2 HORNS! WHERE'S YOUR MOMMY AT? I THOUGHT YOU WERE GONNA GO CRY TO HER!" Talon shouted. "ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAR!!!!!!!" diablos screeched. "Ugh it sounds like nails on a chalkboard!" Melody said. "Oops!" she said as she had gotten the diablos's' attention by misteak. You were right behind the diablos and guess what? He saw you....

-----------end of flashback----------

You got up and tried to shake off the hit you took. "Ugh my aching-" "ROOOOOOOOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" you heard the diablos and remembered you and your team were still fighting. "Thud!" Talon got thrown down hard by the diablos. "TALON!" both you and Star shouted. Star went over to heal Talon when the diablos started charging at her and she didn't know it. "Oh no you don't!" you said as you got out your huge sword and jumped into diablos's' way. "Oof!" you let out a grunt from the force pushed against your sword. The diablos started getting ready to pick you up and throw you around like it did with Talon, but you got an idea. you wrapped your sword around it's horns. "Melody jump on it's back!" you shouted to Melody. She did so and started slicing up diablos a bit. "GRRRRRRRR!" diablos let out a painful grunt and tried to shake Melody off. "Hold on Melody! you said. You still had a hold of the diablos so you took out your flashbombs and placed them over diablos's' eyes. "MELODY JUMP OFF! NOW!!" you shouted. She jumped off the moment you said so and sure enough, the flashbombs went off in diablos's' eyes. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIE!!" The diablos let out a terrified cry and ran as far away from there as possible. "We did it!!!" Melody screamed happily. "Yea...we did it..." you said and then passed out.

-------The hopsital--------

"__?...___? helloooo? Are you awake ___?" you heard Star say. "Ugh my head..." you say a you wake up in a hospital room. "YAY! YOU'RE AWAKE!" you heard Melody say from across the room. "Yeah....Where's Talon? Is he ok?" you ask. "He's at home. Even though he got the worst injuries,you were out cold the longest!" Both Melody and Star said. "Oh...I see.." you said grabbing your head. "Well look's like everyone's A-OK" you heard Talon say. "Yeah" you said. "Chief says we all get long vacations for taking on a tough mission" Talon said. "YAY! TIME FOR SOME TIME AT THE SPAS!" the twins said. "Haha good have some fun guys, I'll be fine here" "Ok" Talon and the twins said as the twin went out the door and Talon jumped out the window. "Talon learn to use the door sometime!" you shouted. "Haha nope I don't think I will" he shouted back.

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