• Skies visible
    Under the seaside shadows
    By the city, by the gates

    Streets of sands/sadness strays

    The war is over now
    The pain is over now

    Fair eyes still can't see
    The healing time provides

    Warless I could not see

    Sous des cieux fades promesses
    Des horizons hallucinés
    La terre nous était désormais étrangère

    Les flots brisés
    Le sillage... un enclair
    Terre, mer, cieux mélangés ...
    Seuls les vents hurlent a nos oreilles
    Nos yeux francasses que le sang aveugle...
    Sur une mer démontée, machine de colère

    "watch over me"

    Beyond the velvet veil of fear
    A firmament of grieves
    A century of burning

    We were tempted by a shade...
    In war times, only
    The shell loneliness is safe
    But under war-broken trees
    Dreams come fast...

    Dreams come when you are weary of the sun