• It's hard when something so real can also feel quite fiction
    The feelings I have are under his jurisdiction
    There is nothing I can do, nothing can define this definition
    I can go around it again and again, but this will always seem like repetition

    You can reach as far as you'd like but never reach your goal
    I feel like I'm reaching for him with each ounce of my soul
    But as far as I can reach, it's under destiny's control
    It was a shock when everything I have, he easily stole

    The pattern of this isn't as black and white like those on a pelt
    This feeling inside is like one I haven't felt
    Suppressed all this time, the casing finally decided to melt
    Is this in fates cards? Was this hand meant to be dealt?

    Questions will linger for years, but who knows if I'll come to
    I have been stuck in my head, stuck in this rendezvous
    So badly I want to believe that our future together is true
    So badly I want to believe I have something with you

    How can one have feelings when we're thousands of miles apart
    It was hard to admit them, but I've felt them from the start
    The way he makes me feel will forever stay in my heart
    Forever high on my list, he'll remain high on my chart

    Who knows what will happen in the end
    whether we become more or stay friends
    The feelings I hold are not pretend
    So for now, what do you recommend?