• I am a nobody.
    That’s not to say I don’t exist.
    I do every time you need a shoulder to cry on.
    When all your friends have deserted you.
    I’m there for your first smile since your depression.
    I’m there when you need a babysitter last minute.
    I there when you want your hair braided and can’t do it yourself.
    I’m there when all your employees have quit on you.
    I’m most certainly there when your pet is sick and stay at the vet hospital til late at night.
    Now I’m forgotten like a magazine half read and thrown away.
    You don’t talk about me for I don’t exist to you anymore.
    You’ll always do this.
    Forget about the people who got you where you are.
    And I’ll always be here.
    Waiting for you to remember me.
    Hoping against hope someday you will be there for me.