• "I'll always be there" He said with a such a gentle voice
    That was a lie
    He was only there for something for himself
    "I'll always love you" He said with such warmth and passion
    That was a lie as well
    Just an illusion.

    I can't seem to understand he doesn't care
    This is just a game to him, it always has been
    I'm simply his puppet
    He knows that I do everything for him
    but he just doesn't care
    He breaks my heart like an old glass mirror,
    Like he doesn't even care that it's shattered
    Like a maid I pick up the pieces to the mirror
    I try to fit them back together to make it whole again,
    like a puzzle,
    While he watches,
    watches me in pain,
    He walks away without a glance

    How many more times will he do this?
    why am i being a fool?
    I feel something tickle my cheek
    I taste a salty sadness
    I feel as if my chest as exploded
    As if all my efforts were thrown down the drain
    I feel useless

    I see him walking, Talking to his new maid,
    I take a sharp thin blade out of my jacket,
    make sure its sharp a prickle of redness slides down my finger,
    I see the white ground begin to absorb the redness,
    The salty taste is no longer sadness, it's bitterness
    He's talking to his new prey on the bench
    I laugh, a laughter of terror,horror, and fear,
    I imagine all the snow a bright beautiful red
    The look on his face
    Now he will care
    Now I can smile

    I'm embraced by something warm
    Something comforting
    I try to twist my body to see the figure
    It's no use
    I close my eyes and wait for the worst
    The person ever so gently removes the blade from my hand
    In a soothing calming voice the man
    says "I'm here don't worry".
    The soft tickling feeling reaches my cheeks
    This time I don't taste the salt
    This time I feel a gentle touch take away the salt, the bitterness, the sadness
    It's all gone
    My eyes open
    The man is still there grinning from ear to ear
    He hugs me tightly as if he's never going to let me go
    I no loner feel shattered I feel safe again
    "Thank you" My words shaking as they brush my lips