• A yawning chasm
    Far and deep
    Holds everyone's hopes
    And the tears they weep
    It consumes the cheer
    And devours the fear

    Emotionless and cold
    The world is greyed
    The life dies out
    The ends are frayed
    A hollow shell
    But none can tell

    The spirits are gone
    Memory is lost
    Joy washed away
    It was a great cost
    He surrendered his heart
    So he may play his part

    The destruction he wrought
    Was the compensation
    The hurting he gave
    Was of his own creation
    He was handed power
    So that he needn't cower

    When the end came
    It was he who brought
    The fire and flames
    To reach the reign he sought
    He took it all
    So he would not fall

    Now he's there
    In the world of Dirge
    The one he created
    By forcing worlds to converge
    The lives that were whole
    And a heart black as coal

    In the castle he forged
    He lies in wait
    For the one
    Who will take his bait
    The one who holds the light
    Hoping with the old world's might

    The light will rise
    Blade on fire
    Darkness stands ready
    Situation dire
    The powers will clash
    The castle will crash

    The dark stands tall
    For it shall never fall