• I wanted,
    to watch you.
    To touch upon your skin,
    so that I could prove,
    that you were real.

    I wanted,
    to listen to you.
    To drown myself in your voice
    so that maybe,
    I couldn't forget you.

    I wanted,
    to lock you away.
    To lock iron clasps around your wrists,
    and bricks to your feet.
    Because maybe then
    I wouldn't have lost you.

    I wanted you to see me,
    to smile at e with those wicked fangs,
    to rustle my hair with your cold hands,
    and to sing lullabies to me with broken vocals

    I wanted you to love me
    to place me on a pedistull so high
    you had to jump to reach me.
    Put me back in your thoughts,
    and bleed with me.

    Cut my arms open
    and drink from me.
    Hate me,
    rip away my heart,
    and devour it's pulsing tears.

    I wanted you to hurt me,
    to revel in my screams of insanity,
    take away everything I have left,
    and beat the left overs out of my skull.

    And I would take it.
    I would smile at you
    and reach for you
    and love you.

    Because maybe then,
    yes maybe only then,
    would you love me.