• I love you, I love you not.
    You said you loved me, but I think you forgot.
    I told you I would be honest, gave all of my heart
    I don't think you know, but I've liked you since the start.
    The moment you looked at me, right in the eyes
    Because of my heart, I thought they where lies.
    All the things you said, all the love you shared
    I almost thought you never cared.
    I have some issues, you know of them I'm sure
    Sadly for my broken spirit there is no cure.
    I'm forever alone, to wallow in self depression
    Because my love for you never came into session.
    I write this to you as you sit across the same room
    As I admire your entire soul to allow my heart to bloom.
    Yes for one day it'll shine bright, brighter than the glow of the sun
    For the hope that one day, maybe one day, you and I become one.
    Although for now I'll stay here and rely on my dreams
    They are the only light in my soul that gleams.